Jisoo From BLACKPINK Shows Support To LGBTQIA+ Community With Her Airport Look [Exclusive!]

Alright netizens, it’s official. Jisoo indeed supports LGBTQIA+ community and she herself has confirmed it via her looks and styles.

Jisoo, who is a very well known and highly beloved member of the popular K-Pop girl group BLACKPINK is also famous for her unique styles and signature moves. It’d be a compliment if I, as a huge fangirl, calls her a fashion icon of modern time.

Now this lovely BLACKPINK member is grabbing attentions with her recent airport look which can be called as a sweet support to her fans who belongs to the community of LGBTQIA+.

On June 27, Jisoo returned from her vacation or work in Paris for the DIOR fashion show (that’s why she is our fashion queen right?) While everything was looking casual, it caught our eyes when we saw her black colored T-Shirt, which belongs to a brand called Courreges.

Jisoo Sends The Message Of “United!”

The black-colored, simple looking T-Shirt she wore was the “Over The Rainbow” piece where all profit were donated to Ardhis. I know you might feel a burst of confusions here, so let me tell you that Ardhis is actually an organization which is known for defending the residence and asylum rights of foreign homosexual and trans people in France.

The design that was drawn over it is the one that shows a clear support to LGBTQIA+ (I mean why not? They are the part of our mother Earth right?).

While it is not the first time when my Jisoo is wearing something that belongs to that brand, it is the way she shows her support to different cultures, races and accepts the diversities with an open heart. I might be wrong but this is one of those reason that makes BLACKPINK members different from other large or similar groups.

via X (Twitter)

While BLACKPINK is very well known for it’s group performance, I’d love to add that they won’t be organizing any group activities for the rest of 2024. Yes I know it sounds a bit too harsh for fans like you and I, but believe me – it is for the greater good.

It has been reported by their agency that every member is busy in establishing the market of their own individual brands, that’s why it’s hard to go for any tour or similar activities. However, I’d still say, “Never say Never.”

Before concluding this article, I’d also love to remind you that LISA of BLACKPINK is also making her comeback with her single ‘ROCKSTAR,’ which is now exclusively out worldwide. Make sure to take a look and stay tuned to TVPrism where we brings you some of the most exclusive, original and highly detailed content related to everything TV and of course your favorite idols.

Till then – stay safe, peace out!

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