‘Dexter: Original Sin’ Gets A Great Addition With Our Queen Sarah

We already knows that ‘Dexter: Original Sin‘ is under development at Netflix where we will be getting the vibes of our Dexter once again. The show, which is a direct prequel to the original Dexter saga, will be streaming by late 2025, and exciting news are already bursting on the internet.

Now I’ve gotten a great news for you. ‘Dexter: Original Sin‘ cast is officially going to cast someone who was once known as the ‘Queen of Hollywood.’ Yes, I am talking about none other then Sarah Michelle Gellar.

The actress is officially joining the cast, opposite to some of the very well known faces of Molly Brown (playing Debra Morgan), James Martinez (playing Angel Batista), Christina Millian (playing Maria LaGuerta), Alex Shimizu (playing Vince Masuka), and Reno Wilson.

What Is Sarah Playing In ‘Dexter: Original Sin?’

Sarah Mitchelle Gellar joins Dexter: Original Sin cast
Sarah Mitchelle Gellar

Now I know you might be wondering about her character right? I mean why not, after all she is making her epic return on TV shows after years. So long story short, Sarah Michelle Gellar will be playing a character named Tanya Martin.

The show is taking place in early days of our Dexter, who is on the boundary of committing back to back sins and enter the world of blood and frauds. The serial killer is working his forensic internship at the Miami Metro Police Department.

His father, Harry (Slater) plays a key role in satisfying the cravings of kills of his son by offing those guilty offenders who have escaped the justice system. Though things might change in the near future as the project is still in it’s early phase, but the main theme will still revolve around this.

Now we already knows how popular this saga is, so no wonder if ‘Dexter: Original Sin‘ dominated the streaming platforms with all smoothness.

What makes the addition of Sarah Michelle Gellar is the fact that she is the highly beloved face of the popular Buffy the Vampire Slayer saga. There was a time when female leads used to represent feminine characters only, but it was Sarah who took the charge and landed herself in the shoe of a ‘Bad Bitch’ for seven consecutive seasons.

Despite this bold move, she has also showed her other side in the movies like ‘I Know What You Did Last Summers,’ ‘Scream 2‘ and more. So I personally am just way too excited to watch her in Dexter universe.

Well, as of now, ‘Dexter: Original Sin‘ is under production and no release windows are announced yet. If everything goes well then you may expect it to release sometime in 2025. I will be keeping this article up-to-date.

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