BLACKPINK Shockingly Cancelled It’s Every Group Activity Of This Year!

It’s official! BLACKPINK will reportedly not have any full group activities in 2024, and here’s why!

BLACKPINK is known for their eye-catching concerts, tours and more importantly, the pretty styles. This K-Pop group is dominating over the concept music and has played a vital role in establishing it’s presence outside Korea.

However, beside all these limelights and fame, the group has reportedly decided to take it’s steps back from any sort of group activities which were going to happen (probably) in the second half of this year. This exclusive update have been confirmed by a report from Tenasia.

According to this, BLACKPINK members won’t proceed with any full group activities in 2024. The reason is their personal branding and plans. LisaJennie, and Rosé will be promoting their solo albums which are set to dominates us for the rest of this year, meanwhile Jisoo will focus on filming for her K-Drama and movie roles.

Rosé Will Also Complete ‘The Perfect Branding Cycle’ Of BLACKPINK


Besides releasing their solos, BLACKPINK members are also known for their personal brands and accessories. However, Rosé was the only one with no such activities. Finally, Rosé has recently recently signed a management contract with THE BLACK LABEL.

It makes this group the one where all four members are now the part of different agencies for their individual activities. Adding to this, Lisa will release her new single, “ROCKSTAR,” on June 28.

Although this update might make you sad, but let me tell you that BLACKPINK is officially planning a special event for their eight-year anniversary on August 8, making it (maybe) the last group event of 2024. However, details are currently unknown but I am keeping my eagle eyes on them.

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