Emily In Paris Season 4 Shockingly Adds A New Lover Of Emily With This New Character?

Well, well, well. What a day it is to talk about a wild card entry in Emily in Paris season 4, or should I say, a new love interest of Emily?

The fourth season of this highly popular and beloved TV show will premiere on August 15 — but the real fun topic has already entered our chats of casting. It is the addition of a new character, who is now eyeing for the love-spot in the heart of our Emily (Sorry Gabriel, it’s done!).

Who is this face and how Emily might get engaged to him? Here you’ll find every answer of your unique and spicy question — so let’s find out!

Emily In Paris Season 4 Officially Adds A New Character

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In the first week of June, Netflix released multiple new and exclusive first look images from Emily in Paris season 4. What’s special was the fact that we were not able to spot any surprising element in those images, however, Lily Collins indeed was looking very beautiful and exceptional.

Now it has been confirmed that a new character which will be played by our 32-year-old native-Italian actor Eugenio Franceschini is going to make a wide appearance during the episodes. It should be noted that he was previously spotted filming alongside Lily Collins at Rome’s Trevi Fountain earlier this year.

Although it’s true that this show always takes place in the French capital Paris (and so the name), it’d be interesting to watch how they represents this transition to add the glitters of Europe with the addition of our delightful Italy.

Just in case if you don’t know then Lily has previously teased that her character will go on a “Roman holiday” sometime during the new episodes. That’s the point which was tickling in my theorist mind which says that our Lily might find a new love interest. However, neither Netflix nor any other cast member have spoken anything on this topic, so we may have to wait a bit more to learn everything.

How Franceschini’s Character Can Be The New Lover Of Emily?

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By the end of third season, we saw back to back twists at the wedding ceremony. First Gabriel, then Emily and Camille dropped their bombs. The bigger event takes place when Camille reveals that she is pregnant with the baby of Gabriel, which might spoil the plans of reuniting of Emilly with her previous lover.

Chances are high that Emily might take her steps back once and for all (Yes, completely), and rather goes for someone else to give herself a fresh start. It will eventually settle up the drama and will ultimately give Emily a chance to go on a beautiful journey to Europe (especially Italy).

If it happens, then I can simply assure you that Franceschini’s character is going to steal her heart — and hence, a new love story. Well, things will get clear in next couple of months, so just keep your eagle eyes on the status of this show. Of course I will update you if I finds anything fishy or engaging!

Emily In Paris season 4 will premiere on August 15 with it’s first batch of episodes on Netflix. The second half will land on the streaming giant on September 12, so mark your calendars and plan accordingly.

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