Knuckles Ending Explained: ‘Bowling, Betrayal, And A Blazing Finish!’

Behold the presence of Knuckles Ending, because this is setting up a perfect base for Sonic The Hedgehog 3!

Knuckles TV series is finally out on Paramount+ and now you can stream it from the ease of your home. Initially announced to bridge the gap between the second and third Sonic movies, Knuckles TV Series is tackling up with the continued version of storyline in “not so perfect” manner. Despite this, the show has managed to engage me by keeping on the edge of my couch.

The 6-episodes long event is delivering multiple light-weighted moments coupled up with some very predictive parts – however, it ends on a very precise and happy not which might play a vital role in making Sonic The Hedgehog 3 a masterpiece. So if you’ve not watched this show then just leave this article because I am going to take a deep and engaging look at the ending of Knuckles: The TV Series. Well, SPOILERS WARNING AHEAD!!

Knuckles Ending Gives A ‘Blazing’ Arc!

Knuckles TV series review
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Knuckles, the action-packed miniseries based on the speedy blue blur’s world, takes viewers on a wild ride alongside Knuckles the Echidna and his newfound friend, Wade Whipple. Their quest for bowling glory in Reno takes a chaotic turn when they become targets – Knuckles for his powerful energy and Wade for his bowling skills. But the real fun begins as we approaches near Knuckles ending scenes!

Double-Cross and Redemption & Knuckles’ Epic Showdown:

Things get dicey in the final episode when Wade seemingly betrays Knuckles to some shady ex-government agents. But wait! This turns out to be a clever trick. Wade, ever the loyal friend, tips Knuckles off about the trap, showcasing his quick thinking and devotion to their newfound bond.

Meanwhile, Wade proves his bravery by rescuing his family from the clutches of these same agents. While this might seem like a selfish move, it highlights the importance of family for Wade and sets the stage for a potential conflict: bowling dreams or family safety?

While Wade deals with his family drama, Knuckles faces off against the villainous agents. He outsmarts them by turning their own portal technology against them, sending them packing to a mysterious dimension. However, this victory is short-lived. The real big bad, The Buyer, arrives in a menacing metal suit powered by Knuckles’ stolen energy! Knuckles, significantly weakened, is in a real jam.

Teamwork Makes the ‘Dream Work’:

Knuckles series
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Just when things look bleak, the Whipples (Wade’s family) return as unlikely heroes. They snag a pair of discarded power gloves fueled by Knuckles’ energy and use them to distract The Buyer. This selfless act gives Knuckles precious time to recover.

With renewed strength, Knuckles unleashes a powerful move called the “Flames of Disaster” – his fists literally engulfed in flames! He defeats The Buyer in a blaze of glory, but this impressive feat likely comes at a cost, hinting at a potential sacrifice Knuckles makes for his friend. The ending is a delightful mix of heartwarming moments and laugh-out-loud humor.

The Whipples reunite (with a bonus beatdown for the traitorous dad!), and Wade finally achieves his dream of becoming the bowling champion. The closing freeze-frame adds a touch of comedic flair. The mid-credits scene leaves the future open-ended. We see Knuckles and Wade cruising into the sunset, ready for whatever adventures await. While the nature of Knuckles’ sacrifice remains unclear, their journey together has undoubtedly forged a strong bond.

What Does Knuckles Ending Really Means?

Knuckles TV Series
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Knuckles is a story about friendship, loyalty, and overcoming challenges. Both Knuckles and Wade experience growth throughout the miniseries. Knuckles might have learned the value of teamwork and friendship, while Wade prioritizes his family but also demonstrates bravery and loyalty to his new friend.

Knuckles ending also emphasizes the importance of family – even though bowling may be a dream, family comes first (although sometimes a good thrashing is in order!). With its humor, action, and focus on the power of friendship, Knuckles delivers a satisfying conclusion that leaves fans wanting more adventures with the unlikely duo. Personally I am feeling like Knuckles will get a chance to explore the newer depths of bonds between him and Sonic.

We also knows that characters like Shadow are going to appear in Sonic The Hedgehog 3, so it is important for our main protagonists to maintain a good coordination in order to defeat this bad buddy. Unity is the best weapon and that’s what our Knuckles TV Series is trying to do. For me, Knuckles Series was a solid 8/10, what about you?

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