5 Incredibly Best TV Shows Like Shogun You Must Watch If You Loved The Samurai Saga!

Shogun season 2 will happen or not is still a mystery, but why wait if we can enjoy the same vibes in a new way over and over again? Thanks to other giants of Hollywood and cinematography that we do have a bunch of stock to consume while waiting for the renewation of Shogun.

The popular Japanese themed show is currently streaming worldwide on FX and Hulu. Characters like Lord Torananga and Ishido are busy in bringing a lot of chaos while on the other hand, protagonists like Blackthorne and Mariko are playing a key role in showcasing the importance of bonding and tolerance. The ending of this show will indeed mark the beginning of a new trend – a trend where people like you and I will demand the company for more seasons, but hey! It’s not a piece of cake right?

Well, I’ve grabbed this great opportunity for my research purpose and here’s a list of ‘5 incredibly best TV shows‘ which shares a lot of similarities with the ongoing James Clavell’s saga. So sit back, relax – grab some popcorns as I takes you on a wild ride of best TV shows!

‘Age of Samurai: Battle for Japan’ (2022)

Age of Samurai: One of the best TV shows
image via Netflix

Now Shogun was based on real world incidents of feudal Japan, but the show is more of a front-end story of two-person’s perspective. Here comes my first choice: ‘Age of Samurai: Battle of Japan‘. The show which was released in 2022 by the streaming giant Netflix, ‘Age of Samurai‘ brings you a documentary-themed perspective of multiple great events and wars that were taking place in the initial phases of Japan. The official synopsis reads as:

” Oda Nobunaga becomes head of the Oda clan upon the death of his father, but this causes problems with family members who compete for control. When Nobunaga conquers central Japan, he causes a war with the powerful daimyo Takeda Shingen.”

In fact, if you knows nothing of Japanese history, then I am pretty sure that this is going to be a great watch. You’ll learn so much about Japan’s brutal and complicated past and culture, and will get immersed in the story and characters. Every single character is portrayed very well, coupled up with some of the greatest and brutal action scenes.

‘Gyeongseong Creature’ (2023)

GyeongSeong Creature
image via Netflix

One of the latest drop in my list is none other then ‘Gyeongseong Creature’. Additionally, it is among those shows which I personally have watched during the winters holidays, so you can believe on me. Premiered on Netflix, this show is just truly mind-boggling, and it is also renewed for another season – which is enough to say a lot about it’s potential right?

Gyeongseong Creature takes place during the Japanese invasion of Korea during World War II. It sounds pretty predictable but your abilities of predictions will end when I will reveal that a mysterious giant creature makes it’s appearance in this saga which creates a lot of chaos.

The official synopsis reads as, “In the city of Gyeongseong in 1945, a group of young people thinking only of their own survival encounter a monster born of human greed and ask themselves what humanity is.” Since the show is related to the Korean theme, it is pretty obvious that literally anything may happen (even the main characters can die, but don’t worry! Not a spoiler).

If you are following Shogun and want to explore some similar themes, then just give this show a try. Of course it is not that similar to our samurai saga in term of plot, but her! It is wildly popular across the globe. So what’s bad in trying right?

‘The Last Kingdom’ (2015-2022) : One of The Best TV Shows Of Decade!

The Last Kingdom
image via Netflix

The list is getting wild with the entry of ‘The Last Kingdom‘. I mean, the name itself is enough. This highly popular and beloved British TV series is available on Netflix (Yeah again!) and still garners millions of views every single month. While Gyeongseong Creature was not that similar to Shogun, ‘The Last Kingdom‘ is 97% similar to what you are currently streaming on FX and Hulu.

As per the synopsis,”Uhtred, the son of a nobleman, is captured and raised by Danes. Once he grows up, he has to choose whom he will protect, the land where he grew up or the people who raised him as their own.” A popular novel, bloody events and a very violent storyline – The Last Kingdom is definitely a ‘must-watch’ and one of the best TV shows of our time. So don’t forget to give it a try.

‘Kingdom’ (2019-2021)

image via Netflix

What? The Zombies? Yes, ‘Kingdom‘ is another great addition which is worth watching if you are loving Shogun. The theme is a bit different, but the plot will blow your mind away. It is the popularity of this universe which delivers us two back to back seasons followed by a whole dedicated movie.

The main synopsis revolves around Korea (the classic one with samurai) where a plague is underway. People are suffering from a very strange disease which is turning them into monsters (aka the Zombies). Now it is upto their leaders to protect their dynasty with this chaos while avoiding the brutal killings of their own people.

One thing which I would love to mention is the fact that Kingdom is literally taking place at roughly the same time as Shōgun, from the end of the 16th Century to the beginning of the 17th. Additionally, the zombies are accidentally unleashed by the Haewon Cho family after they attempt to resurrect the Korean King using a mystical plant.

This show may deliver us a third season, but it is currently under so many uncertainties. However, it won’t hide the fact that Kingdom indeed is one of the most popular and best TV shows of past few years. So hey! Put this saga in your bucket list, it will be worth your time.

‘Six Flying Dragons’ (2015-2016)

Six Flying Dragons
Six Flying Dragons

Available to stream on Amazon Prime, ‘Six Flying Dragons‘ is another South-Korean drama with a whopping amount of 50 episodes in it’s one and only season. The reason why I am listing it here is due to the fact that it shares a lot of similarities with Shogun. Of course, the story is fictional, but it is enough to bind the fans of Toranaga.

The story tells about the foundation of the Joseon dynasty in the Korean Peninsula, and the ambitions, success and conflicts of several real and fictional characters, with a focus on the young Yi Bang-won.

If you are into political dramas followed by unexpected and surprising action sequences, then ‘Six Flying Dragons‘ is absolutely for you. In fact, this show is featuring a variety of characters, more then you can expect – and each of them are truly phenomenal and unique in their own special ways. You should expect the unexpected, this is all I would say about this universe.

Well, these 5 one of the most popular best TV shows are not only known for their popularity, but it is their perfect theme, plot and characters which makes them a ‘must-watch’ project. Majority of them are easily available to stream online, so just take some time out, plan a sleepover with your families and friends and enjoy these special universe and Japanese-themed sagas.

Stick around the corner with TVPrism as we brings you more similar and highly engaging content related to some of the most trending and best TV shows and celebrities in our own unique POV’s. Till then – stay safe, peace out!

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