Shogun Episode 7 Preview: “The War Of Mariko vs Ochiba!”

Shogun Episode 7 is the one! Yes, it is the episode we were waiting for ever since this show started streaming on our small screens. With Toranaga making up his mind, coupled up with all those twists of Blackthorne and our Lady Mariko – it seems like the next drop of this Japanese saga is going to deliver us some of the most shocking moments of this season.

While the creators themselves are excited for the future of this story, fans from all across the globe are busy in predicting the future. Despite so many uncertainties of episode five, the sixth drop was dealing with a very solid plotline which has now provided us with a very interesting base to develop our wild speculations.

Well, I am going to talk about the future events, so if you want to stay fresh then skip this article. I mean, SPOILERS WARNING AHEAD!! And let’s talk about Shogun Episode 7!

The Crimson Sky Plan In Shogun Episode 7?

Shogun episode 7 preview

Titled as “A Stick of Time”, Shogun episode 7 is set to deal with a major plotline where Toranaga will be dealing with a long-lost family member. The official synopsis is hinting at a plot surrounding Osaka which is enough to confirm many things.

Outplayed by new alliances in Osaka, Toranaga is forced to carve out a new deal with a long lost family member.

By the end of episode 6, we learnt how Lord Toranaga is now ready to launch the Crimson Sky plan. It was also explaining us in a very clear way that what they are fighting for ahead of the show’s final four episodes. In fact, it would be interesting to watch how their plans turns out.

As per my predictions, Shogun episode 7 will continue with Lord Toranaga who will move forward with his Crimson Sky Plan, however, I feels like this is not going to end in his own favor. Wondering why? Well, the number game!

After the earthquake sequence, Toranaga has lost most of his crew, even the important ones as well. It makes pretty obvious that the side of our Lord is falling behind when we talks about the number games. Despite this, the show can also deliver us a twist where some outer powers can provide him with some external help.

Blackthorne’s Role in Shogun Episode 7?

Blackthorne's role in Shogun episode 7
Mariko and Blackthorne

Additionally, next big plot which I can see is going to happen in Shogun episode 7 is the revelation of the relationship of Thorne and Mariko. Everything is clear. Blackthorne and Mariko can feel a spark and it was pretty obvious even from the first few episodes itself. The foreign guy wants to escape the place. He cares about his ship and his men, however, when he asked Toranaga for fixing his ships – the Lord denies and sends him to the brothel for a night.

It would be interesting to see if Blackthorne continues to escape the place or will he stay there to help our lord. As per my theories, I would say that ‘Thorne’ will eventually decide to stay there. He can feel a spark for Mariko, and their bond is getting deeper and deeper with each new drop. With war landing just around the corner, Blackthorne will definitely stay there for the sake of not only the town, but also for his newly found relationship.

The Battle Of The Ladies?

Lady Ochiba in Shogun episode 6
Lady Ochiba

Episode 6 revealed a lot about Ochiba-no-kata’s plan and backstory. We now knows that Ochiba is the daughter of Kuroda whose father was betrayed and killed. Long story short, if Ochiba succeeded in giving the Taikō an heir, she would become one of the most powerful people in the entire country. Now that Taiko is no more in this world, Ochiba sees Toranaga as a threat for her son because she believes he helped plan her father’s murder.

On the very other hand, Lady Mariko discovered that her father expected to marry her off but have her return later in life to finish what is already started. With Mariko at lord’s side and Ochiba on the other, I can feel the vibes of an upcoming brutal war between two of our female leads. To me, this particular plot is the one which will definitely take place in Shogun episode 7.

When & Where To Watch Shogun Episode 7?

The show is premiering exclusively on FX and Hulu every Thursday. We will get a total of 10 episodes and without any surprise, Shogun episode 7 will release on April 2, 2024 at 3 AM EST. Last but at no means the least, episode 7 is titled as “A Stick of Time” and will have a runtime of 54 minutes.

What are you expecting from this saga? Stick around the corner with TVPrism for everything TV. Till then – stay safe, peace out!

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