Wednesday Season 2 Cast Gets a Great Addition With A New Member & His Character!

Wednesday season 2 cast is looking just perfect! The show is currently under development at Netflix and it is already getting back to back exciting updates every new day. Now the latest of all is a news regarding a cast member, who is officially joining this universe to play a new character. It should be noted that Wednesday season 2 was among those projects of Netflix that were securing the higher position in priority.

Back in 2023 when actor’s strike happened, the company said that it will be moving forward with Stranger Things 5 and Wednesday season 2 on a very urgent basis with a lot of priority – hence, no wonder why we are getting so many glimpses and updates regarding both of these projects.

Now exclusively, Variety has confirmed that Grown Ups and Boardwalk Empire star Steve Buscemi is officially joining the Wednesday season 2 cast, alongside the returning lead Jenna Ortega herself. As per this giant Hollywood media outlet, the star is all set to play the role of a new principal of Nevermore Academy. Despite this short yet an interesting description of his character, the Netflix company is busy in keeping as much things as they can under wraps.

Steve Buscemi joins Wednesday season 2 cast
Steve Buscemi

The short description of this character [as reported by Variety] also confirms that his character will have some sort of super natural powers that will eventually bring in a lot of chaos for our Addams family as well. While the actor’s representatives are yet to confirm this update, it’d be interesting to watch an old character who can bring some sort of engaging plotlines.

Buscemi has recently turned 66 [yeah! He is pretty old now!], is among those names of Hollywood who has not done too many high-profile projects. While you might try to judge him on the basis of this particular stat, let me tell you that this actor is very well known for his voice acting. The major ones involves Scooby Doo, Spongebob, Hotel Transylvania, Digman, Rick and Morty and more.

What Else Do We Knows About Wednesday Season 2 Cast & Schedule?

Wednesday season 2 updates
image via Netflix

Apart from Steve, Wednesday season 2 cast includes Hunter Doohan (Tyler Galpin), Emma Myers (Enid Sinclair), and Joy Sunday (Bianca Barclay). All of them are officially returning to deliver us a mastepeice once again.

Like I’ve mentioned above that the show is still under development, and that’s the major reason why we don’t have that much amount of updates regarding the plotline or behind the scene footages to get a hint. However, I do have a very interesting update regarding the current status of this unique delivery.

The production on the second season was halted back in 2023 due to SAG AFTRA strikes, but now it has been reported that Netflix will begin the production in Ireland by the last week of April 2024. It means we will be getting some behind the scenes images and footages that will give us a clear look of future events. As of now, Tim Burton is returning as an executive producer for Wednesday season 2. If you don’t know then he has directed four episodes in the first season.

Well, time will tell more about this project but I will be keeping my eagle eye on them. So stick around the corner with TVPrism as we brings you some of the most authentic, original, exclusive and creative ‘in-depth’ content related to everything TV. Till then – stay safe, peace out!

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