The Boys Season 4 Episode 8 Preview: “Assassination Run”

The Boys season 4 episode 8 is going to be the biggest event of this saga. These words are not just a speculation, but a fact that nobody can ever change!

After watching the seventh episode, I am still lurking around in order to find words to describe how am I feeling at the point. Homelander has finally showed his brutality right after the eyes of Firecracker, and Sister Sage is so done that we may not see her ever again. Meanwhile I have a strong feeling which says that Starlight is going to be in a very big trouble in season’s finale.

Well, I know you are in hurry to watch the grand finale, so I won’t take your much time. Let’s learn everything about The Boys Season 4 episode 8!

The Boys Season 4 Episode 8 Release Date

The Boys Season 4 episode 8 trailer preview
image via Amazon Prime studios

When to watch the next episode? I mean, if you are following this series then you should know about it – but even if not, then I am here to serve you.

The show is following a very consistent release pattern for it’s new episodes, releasing one episode every Wednesday. Following the same order, The Boys Season 4 Episode 8 will premiere on July 18, 2024. So mark your calendars and make sure to free-up yourself to enjoy the finall call.

At What Time To Watch The Boys Season 4 Episode 8?

The Boys season 4 episode 8 will premiere on Amazon Prime Video on July 11 at 12:00 AM Pacific/3:00 AM Eastern on Prime Video in the US.

Now time zones usually confuses everyone, especially to those who are living in UK. Worry not, the show is dropping it’s episodes everywhere at same time. With that said, people living in UK can stream the next episode at 8:00 AM BST on July 11. Talking about India then it will drop at 12:30 PM IST.

Is There Any Trailer For The Boys Season 4 Episode 8?

In simple and straight words, NO! There are no official trailers, teasers or TV Spot promos (As of July 11) for The Boys Season 4 episode 8. Most of those promotional material that you finds online are usually fake. The creators calls them as a so-called “concept trailer,” so be careful.

So long story short, the season might end on a pretty big cliffhanger and if reports to be believed, then you should expect a very unexpected death. Although I won’t be confirming any such reports, so it’d be better to stay cautious and avoid any such spoilers.

Stay tuned to TVPrism where we drops some of the most exclusive, engaging and highly-detailed content related to everything TV and of course your favorite celebrities. Till then – stay safe, peace out!

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