This Twisted Moana 2 Theory Will Blow Your Mind

Disney is officially bringing us Moana 2 and the movie will land in theatres exclusively on November 27, 2024. Without any hints or any announcements, Disney has delivered us an official trailer to surprise everyone- But hold a minute, I’ve noticed something which may change the faith of our Moana for ever.

The trailer is not the only thing which is surprising everyone, there is one thing which is even more exciting then the whole Moana 2 teaser- it is nothing but the official plot summary which Disney has shared and now it is sparking some of the wildest theories about two different movies of this company. Well, I’ve watched both Frozen and Moana movies for countless amount of time and in this article and after reading this article- your mind is definitely going to blow up!

Moana 2 Will Deliver Us ‘The Sixth Spirit’ Of Frozen Saga!

Moana 2 will reveal the sixth spirit for Frozen saga
image via Walt Disney Company

So over the years, we’ve witnessed hundreds and thousands of theories about both the Frozen and Moana universe. Some were claiming that there’s a sixth spirit in Frozen saga which is still hidden while other connects the same theory to the Moana universe by claiming that ‘Te-Fiti‘ is the sixth spirit and she actually belongs to the Frozen saga.

All those were just a theory till today, but now that Disney has officially shared the plot summary of Moana 2– all those theories are suddenly making sense. In fact, I’m going to say that a sixth spirit is indeed present but it is not who you think it is.

It is not Te-Fiti, It is our Moana! Yes I’m not joking because I am going to prove everything!

So the official plot of Moana 2 says that Moana can hear an unknown voice… {Sounds familiar right?} And it is just a beginning. The plot further reads that in Moana 2, our main protagonist can hear a voice. That voice is very unknown and it is calling Moana to find the truth. The whole plot of this sequel is going to revolve around the wild adventures that she and Maui will be covering in order to discover the truth that nobody knows.

Disney has officially confirmed that the voice which is calling her is none other then her own ancestors, and I want to ask you one thing- who was calling Elsa? It was her own mother Queen Iduna! And now, who is calling Moana? Her own ancestors.

Earthly spirits in Frozen 2
image via Walt Disney Company

What are the powers of Elsa? The ice. What are the powers of Moana? The water. She can control the water, and ice is also a form of water right? So is there a connection between these two characters of Disney? Let me bring some more twists.

Elsa found herself as a bridge who connects the nature’s spirits and human world together. Now if an unknown voice is calling Moana then it simply means that either she will discover something which can change the lives of her people, or she will find a truth behind her existence. It is highly possible that Disney might reveal the real powers of Moana by showing her as a spirit of nature who can control water, because she has the powers and she was already controlling the water right?

More importantly, Elsa discovered her spiritual powers and reality in Frozen 2 and Disney is repeating the exact same path for Moana 2. Both of these are the sequels for their first movie which is indicating that maybe Disney is now trying to connect both of these movies.

If Moana finds her real spiritual powers and becomes a new spirit then I would say that Frozen and Moana are actually connected. Elsa is a bridge for spirits and human world meanwhile Moana can become a bridge to connect her own world with that of Elsa‘s world. Even Jennifer Lee has already confirmed that the story of Frozen 3 is just too cool that they can’t cover everything in a single part, hence they are splitting it into two separate parts.

Also they don’t have anything left which can deliver not one but two stories, and it clearly means that we are going to get a whole new storyline.

Moana 2 official poster
image via Walt Disney Company

Even there were no plans to make Moana 2. It is coming all of a sudden which again gives a spark to all those theories, including mine, which are now connecting both of these movies. I mean see, Disney is not mad right? They are not like any other random person who is writing a story for the first time. They do have a whole department for writing storylines, so why would they bring something which fans have already watched in Frozen 2?

Well, something is definitely cooking inside this company and I can bet that Moana 2 will definitely connect it’s story with that of Frozen 3– and if it happens then just be prepared to witness an entire new cinematic plan of Disney, because I personally can see it coming.

So after considering my above theory, I am concluding this article with a single line- “More spirits are present inside Frozen saga and their sixth one is none other then the Moana herself.”

What are your thoughts on this? Make sure to stick around the corner with TV Prism as we covers some of the most authentic, original and interesting theories, predictions, analysis and updates. Till then, stay safe, peace out!

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