The Regime Episode 5 Hot Preview: “All Ye Faithful!”

The Regime episode 5 is definitely going to surprise you. This is not my speculations, but the fourth episode itself has confirmed it. Episode 4 of The Regime throws viewers headfirst into the escalating chaos plaguing the unnamed nation. Chancellor Elena Vernham’s (Kate Winslet) disastrous economic policies have driven the country to its knees.

The rejection of deals with America and the Faban Corridor, coupled with a botched trade agreement with China, has resulted in crippling sanctions, travel bans, and a devastated domestic sugar beet industry. Public anger simmers, finally boiling over with a protest that turns deadly after a police horse tramples a protestor. Desperate to maintain control, Elena resorts to manipulation and intimidation tactics. Meanwhile, palace manager Agnes (Andrea Riseborough) emerges as a potential threat to the regime.

With two episodes remaining, The Regime has masterfully laid the groundwork for an explosive conclusion. Will Agnes succumb to the temptation of betraying Elena and join the rebels? What role will Zubak (Hugh Grant) play in Elena’s increasingly brutal regime? Can the protestors overcome the government’s oppression and spark a revolution?

I do knows very well that you have so many burning questions which are currently flooding your mind. While the next episode will drop in seven days, here I am going to predict everything that you may witness in The Regime episode 5. If you’ve not watched the latest episode then I would suggest you to leave this article – SPOILERS WARNING AHEAD!

Agnes’s Defection!

Agnes in The Regime episode 4
Agnes in The Regime episode 4

Agnes’s defection has been building throughout the past few episodes, and I am pretty sure that her faith is going to be explored in The Regime episode 5. One thing I would love to mention is the way that I am going to follow throughput this article. Well, for your ease, I will keep it into bullet points and sub-categories (Thanks me later!)

  • Motivation:
    • Her son, Oskar, was taken away and subjected to Zubak’s potentially dangerous remedies at Elena’s orders.
    • This highlights her love for her son and her potential willingness to betray Elena to get him back.

  • Temptation:
    • The mysterious messages in episode 4 suggest someone is actively trying to recruit her.
    • Episode 5 could reveal who is behind the messages and their connection to the rebellion.

  • Impact:
    • Agnes has access to the palace and potentially sensitive information.
    • Her defection could be a major blow to Elena’s regime, providing valuable intel to the rebels.
    • The Regime Episode 5 might show her making the decision to defect or the consequences of her choice.

Zubak’s Role In The Regime Episode 5!

Herbert in The Regime episode 4


  • Was his imprisonment a turning point, making him an enemy of Elena?

  • Or is he genuinely back on her side, motivated by a desire for power or revenge?

Potential outcomes:

  • The Regime Episode 5 could show him becoming Elena’s right-hand man again, using his ruthlessness to suppress dissent.

  • Alternatively, he could be revealed to be working with the rebels, potentially using his knowledge of the palace to their advantage.

Power Struggle:

  • Depending on his allegiance, Zubak could significantly tip the scales in either Elena’s favor or the rebels’.

  • I am also expecting a collapse in the powers of both Elena and her council, which I will be explaining in the next section.

Public Unrest!

Kate Winslet in The Regime
Kate Winslet
  • Escalation:
    • The Regime Episode 5 could depict the public unrest escalating into full-blown riots or even a revolution.
    • The violence could force Elena to react with even harsher measures, creating a vicious cycle.

  • International Response:
    • The Regime episode 5 might explore how the international community reacts to the violence and the potential human rights abuses by Elena’s regime.
    • This could involve economic sanctions or even international intervention.

Elena’s Grip on Power!

The Regime episode 5
Kate Winslet as Elena

Episode 4 paints a picture of Elena’s weakening control. With Herbert taking a good control over her emotions and powers, The Regime episode 5 has some burning questions which revolves around this duo. While I was expecting Herbert to be thrashed out of the palace, episode 4 has surprised me.

Nick is now powerless (almost), however, neither people nor Elena’s council of minister is happy with her decisions. Herbert is a dominative one who will definitely make a deep impact on the season’s finale. On the basis of this theme, I have some key points to talk about:

  • Failing Policies: The economy is collapsing due to her decisions. The China trade deal is not delivering promised benefits, and public anger is rising.

  • Loss of Public Trust: The fabricated conspiracy against the Sugar Beet Union exposes her willingness to manipulate the truth and use violence to maintain power.

  • Potential for Betrayal: With Agnes contemplating defection and Zubak’s motives unclear, Elena’s inner circle might be crumbling.

These are just a few ideas based on my point of views from episode 4. The writers could introduce new characters or plotlines that alter the dynamic of the power struggle entirely, however, the majority of their storylines are definitely going to revolve around my above mentioned predictions (and I can bet!)

My Reaction On The Regime Episode 4!

The Regime Episode 4 Review

Episode 4 of The Regime delivers a captivating exploration of a nation on the brink. The episode is a perfect checkpoint where the team can build a good amount of hype among the audience. I was on the edge of my seat because many things were surprising me back to back. Still I’ve managed to point out some weaknesses (and so the merits), so let’s take a quick look on my honest review:


  • Rising Tension: The episode masterfully builds tension through the economic crisis, the public’s growing unrest, and Elena’s increasingly desperate tactics.
  • Character Development: We see cracks in Elena’s facade as she resorts to manipulation and violence. Agnes’ potential defection adds a layer of intrigue and complexity.
  • Political Intrigue: The episode effectively portrays the power struggle, leaving viewers questioning Zubak’s motives and hinting at potential betrayals.
  • Social Commentary: The episode subtly critiques the consequences of poor leadership and the manipulation of public perception.

Possible Weaknesses:

  • Pacing: While the episode builds tension well, some viewers might find the lack of a major action sequence to be a slow burn.
  • Predictability: Some plot points, such as Elena’s failing policies, might be predictable for viewers familiar with political dramas.


Despite some minor pacing issues, I would say that The Regime episode 4 is a strong installment. It effectively ratchets up the tension, deepens the characters, and provides insightful commentary on political power struggles. It even leaves viewers eager for the next episode with its cliffhangers and potential for explosive developments.

Now after talking about this show in depth, I just can’t wait to watch The Regime episode 5. After all the next episode will mark the setup for the season’s finale right? If you are wondering about it’s date then let me tell you that The Regime episode 5 will release on coming Sunday, March 31 on HBO max. So mark your calendars.

Stick around with TVPrism as we brings you some of the most engaging, in-depth and original reviews, updates, explanations and everything TV. Till then – stay safe, peace out!

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