X-Men ’97 Episode 6 Preview: ‘What’s Next For Rogue’s Faith?’

OH GOSHHH!!! You want me to talk about X-Men ’97 episode 6? I’m officially done with this show and only I knows how am I writing about it. Call me biased or anything, but I’ve read multiple comics and I still believes that Rogue & Gambit were made for each other (and not that magnetic guy). Ever since I watched his appearance in this show, I knew that he is here to spoil things for my beloved duo.

I mean, you might call it as a ‘canon’ but hey! Feelings does matter no? I just can’t understand why it is so hard to find loyalty nowadays. I was about to kick myself after watching the sad phases of Gambit in past few episodes but then Marvel has delivered us not one, not two but a total of three love triangles? Anyways, X-Men ’97 episode 5 was truly unexpected yet phenomenal. The last 10 minutes? Well, it’d be better for me to just skip that part.

The hardest part for me was to watch that spoiled dance of Magneto and Rogue (Yeah! I have no hard feelings for that magnetic or magneto at all.) But apart from this, the ending has finished almost everything for me, First, the death of Magneto, then MY BOY GAMBIT… “Sugar, I can’t feel you…”

Now that we’ve officially crossed the halfway of X-Men ’97, I think we have also reached the peak. But no. Five more episodes are waiting for us and I am just wondering what they will deliver us. Long story short, hold onto your Cerebro helmets, X-Men fans! Episode 5 of X-Men ’97 left us reeling. The joyous celebration of Genosha’s induction into the UN turned into a nightmare with a devastating Sentinel attack.

Millions of mutants are gone, and two beloved characters, Magneto and Gambit, seem to have perished. But with the X-Men, there’s always hope, even in the darkest times. So, let’s grab our virtual mugs of Xavier’s special cocoa and delve into what might unfold in X-Men ‘ 97 episode 6.

The Fallout: Grief and Fury in X-Men ’97 Episode 6!

X-Men '97 episode 5 Gambit

The X-Men are bound to be shattered. Cyclops, especially, will be wrestling with a double blow. Losing his teammate and friend Gambit will be a heavy weight to bear. On top of that, the revelation of Jean’s kiss with Logan, fueled by her memory lapse, might create a rift between them. We can expect some serious emotional turmoil within the team.

Then there’s Rogue. After losing Charles in the previous season and now potentially both Magneto and Gambit, the anger and grief will likely be a raging storm within her. Will she lash out? Will she seek revenge? Or will she find strength in Professor X’s teachings and unite the team?

Whodunnit? Unveiling the Culprit

The big question that hangs heavy in the air – who’s behind this devastating attack? We have two strong contenders:

  • The Rise of Cassandra Nova? Episode 5 dropped a major hint with the “Godzilla Sentinel.” This could be a nod to the comics where Cassandra Nova, Professor X’s evil twin, orchestrated the Genosha massacre using Sentinels. Will X-Men ’97 introduce this powerful telepathic villain as the mastermind?

  • The Revenge of Gyrich and Trask? These familiar foes from X-Men: The Animated Series were thwarted by Cyclops in episode 1. Could they be back with a vengeance, fueled by revenge and wielding a monstrous new Sentinel?

4 More Possibilities for X-Men ’97 Episode 6!

Emma Frost may return in X-Men '97 episode 6
Emma Frost

Cable’s Timey-Wimey Twist

Cable’s last-minute warning to Madelyne before the attack was a fascinating detail. Does he know who’s responsible? Could he attempt to travel back in time again, this time successfully, to prevent the tragedy? This opens up a potential time travel arc that could have significant consequences.

A New Leader for Genosha?

With Magneto seemingly gone, a leadership vacuum exists in Genosha. Could Rogue step up to the mantle? This would be a powerful arc for her character, honoring both Magneto and Gambit’s legacies while leading the mutant survivors through this dark time.

The Love Triangles: A Backburner Simmer

While the love triangles between Scott, Jean, and Logan, and the Scott-Madelyne connection, were rekindled in episode 5, it’s safe to assume these won’t be the main focus in the immediate aftermath of the Genosha attack. The X-Men will likely have their hands full dealing with the emotional fallout and the hunt for the attackers. However, these romantic entanglements could simmer in the background, adding another layer of complexity to the characters’ relationships.

A Glimmer of Hope?

X-Men '97 Rogue

Professor X may be gone, but his teachings of tolerance and co-existence remain. The X-Men will undoubtedly face a period of despair, but their unwavering spirit of fighting for a better future for mutants won’t be extinguished. We might even see a renewed sense of purpose emerge from the ashes of this tragedy, making them even more determined to achieve Professor X’s dream.

Remember, this is all speculation fueled by our love for the X-Men! But one thing’s for sure – X-Men ’97 episode 6 is bound to be an emotional rollercoaster as the X-Men pick up the pieces and fight for a brighter tomorrow. Let’s buckle up and get ready for another thrilling chapter in the X-Men ’97 saga!

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