The Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live Episode 5 Explained: “An Intense Showdown Before Finale!”

Oh my goodness! I just finished watching The Ones Who Live episode 5 and Woah! I have no words to explain myself. Rick, Michonne and CRM – it is clear that the finale is going to be the one deadly showdown where me have to expect the unexpected.

While I will talk about The Ones Who Live episode 6 in another article, this one is especially for those who are looking for a quick recap. I mean, we are approaching the end of this dead universe, so what’s bad in taking a quick recap right? Now if you don’t want to get spoiled then I would suggest you to leave this article. I mean, SPOILERS WARNING AHEAD!

The Ones Who Live Episode 5 Explained!

Rick and Michonne in The Ones Who Live
Rick and Michonne

Despite the peaceful day and their visit to a mall, a reminder of a more normal world, Rick and Michonne’s world is still fraught with danger. Their attempt to help another group battling Walkers demonstrates their survival skills and willingness to aid others. However, this act of kindness puts them face-to-face with a desperate group led by Red, who demands more than just gratitude.

Forced to negotiate, Rick and Michonne prioritize avoiding conflict. Unfortunately, even seeking refuge for the night doesn’t offer solace. Jadis’s group emerges, highlighting the ever-present danger and ruthless tactics employed by some to survive. Michonne’s surrender of their supplies underscores the difficult choices they must make in a world where violence and scarcity are constant threats.

All things aside, let me talk about some twists. By the end, Jadis manages to find Rick and Michonne. Her tracking skills made it easy. The twist? Jadis never intended to kill them, as Rick figures out. Her real goal was to get Rick to rejoin the powerful CRM group.

At first, Rick took her threats seriously. But he’s on a better path now and won’t be intimidated. Jadis recognizes their strength and knows they can’t be easily controlled. This leads to a chase that leaves Jadis badly hurt, but she’s tough and escapes the wreckage.

How Does The Ones Who Live Episode 5 Ends?

The Walking Dead The Ones Who Live episode 5 ending explained
Rick and Michonne

I will tackle with this part in bullet points, because I want to explain you in detail while staying precise at the same time. So what happened during the final moments of The Ones Who Live Episode 5?

Jadis Makes an Alliance:

  • Weakened from the car crash, Jadis comes across Red’s group.

  • She makes them a tempting offer: a place in a community with presumably guaranteed food and shelter.

  • This is exactly what Red’s group needs, so they readily agree to help her.

Luring Rick and Michonne into a Trap:

  • With her new allies, Jadis sets a trap for Rick and Michonne.

  • She lures them to a seemingly empty warehouse, likely hoping to overpower them with the help of Red’s group.

The Incompetence of Red’s Group Backfires:

  • Unfortunately for Jadis, her plan takes a bad turn.

  • Red’s group, despite their eagerness to fight, proves to be unskilled and quickly gets overrun by walkers.

This part reveals Jadis’s resourcefulness. Despite being injured, she manages to manipulate Red’s group to her aid. However, their incompetence ultimately weakens her position, and that’s how The Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live episode 5 ends – leaving us with a lot of excitement for season’s finale.

The Ones Who Live Episode 5 Review!

The Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live episode 5 review

To me, The Ones Who Live Episode 5 seems to depict a world where even for skilled survivors like Rick and Michonne, there’s no respite from danger and difficult choices. Despite glimpses of normalcy (the mall visit), they constantly face threats from various groups (walkers, Red’s group, Jadis’s group). The episode hints at a larger plot involving the CRM and Rick’s potential return.


  • Building Tension: The episode effectively builds tension by introducing multiple threats throughout. Jadis’s pursuit and Rick’s past with the CRM create a sense of unease.

  • Character Development: We see glimpses of Rick and Michonne’s bond and their struggle to navigate a dangerous world while holding onto some semblance of normalcy.

  • Raising Questions: The episode leaves viewers with questions about Jadis’s motives, the fate of Red’s group, and the significance of the CRM.

Possible Weaknesses:

  • Red’s Group: Their sudden inclusion and swift demise might feel unearned to viewers who haven’t seen their development.

  • Jadis’s Plan: Luring Rick and Michonne with an incompetent group seems like a risky strategy for someone with Jadis’s skills.

Overall, based on my point of views, The Ones Who Live episode 5 was an engaging chapter that progresses the narrative and leaves viewers wanting more. Definitely deserves a rating of 4/5. What about you? Make sure to watch it on AMC+.

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