The Boys Season 5 Gets Official Confirmation, Filming & Release Schedule

The Boys Season 5 is already confirmed. Yes it’s not a joke or a rumor, but The Boys are getting another season. The fourth season of this saga is already down the line and you can stream it from June 13, 2024. Despite the fact that many cast members were calling The Boys season 4 as the concluding one, it feels like Amazon Prime studios has still a lot to cover.

Gen V was the direct adaptation from the universe of Homelander. There were many moments where our young protagonists were referring at Starlight and other members of the same gang. To be very honest, I too was not believing on this update until I read those official reports- So hey! Be ready to witness more action packed episodes of this brutal yet entertaining universe once again.

The Boys Season 5 Filming & Release Schedule!

Now that the fifth season is happening and none of us can stop it, you may want to know everything about it. First and foremost, what is the release schedule of The Boys season 5? I mean, it is the most important part of any article right?

It is not the first time when Amazon Prime studios is surprising it’s audience with such a big announcement all of a sudden. This company knows how to stick at the top of tending charts on social media. The Boys season 4 will premiere on their streaming services starting from June 13. The show is expected to drop one episode every week for 1.5 months (It will have a total of 8 episodes).

The Boys Season 5 is happening
image via Amazon Prime Studios

If you are thinking that season 5 will begin it’s filming only after the end of it’s fourth season- then you are at the wrong side. Let me tell you that The Boys season 5 will reportedly begin it’s filming from April of this year itself. Sounds interesting right?

The updates are coming straight from some of the most trusted Hollywood outlets like Coveredgeekly and The Hollywood Reporter. It also means that the whole cast is ready to return for filming and they are just waiting for that green light from the company.

If the fifth season begins it’s filming from April then it simple means that Amazon Prime studios will try to deliver it’s first look by later 2024 itself- hence, you can simply expect The Boys season 5 to land somewhere in the first quarter of 2025. Still I would suggest you to take this release date as a grain of salt because things can change on the basis of their own schedules and release calendar.

Now with new season comes new faces. It is practically not possible to predict a single thing about fifth season because we’ve not even watched the fourth one yet. It all depends upon the events of The Boys season 4, so I can’t really say anything about the plot or cast. Still you can expect some new characters in fifth season who may or may not lead them towards more spinoffs- hence, some new cast members as well.

Either way, it’s upto Amazon and their team to deliver us a masterpiece without repeating same story again and again, or else it will make them same as Disney who is just busy in bringing more and more sequels (No hate though! I am excited for them as well).

I will keep this article updated so make sure to stick around the corner with TV Prism. As of now, it was all that I knew about The Boys season 5. You can check out our other stuffs where you’ll get detailed analysis, exciting updates, trending celebrity gossips and much more from our point of view. Till then- stay safe, peace out!

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