Expats Season 2 Preview: Will The Ladies Return?

Alright so, Expats is over! What a way to start any article isn’t it? Well, Nicole Kidman lead Expats was a kind of show which has excited a girl like me who is more into Star Wars and science fiction stuffs. It is the beauty of their well written story, picture perfect cast and episodes filled with emotions which kept me on the edge for almost a month.

Starting from a plot of a mother who was enjoying her life with her family, the show quickly turns the table on a very dark side. A mother lost her child- a piece of her own body. Soon we witnessed other passionate and caring women who was also suffering from societal challenges and dilemmas. It is the perfection of Expats which makes it an ideal choice for multiple awards.

We indeed were expecting a conclusion but Amazon studios had some other plans. Season 1 ends on a cliffhanger which can smoothly give us a chance to explore a whole new adventure in future seasons- but wait! Are we getting any? Will there be anything like Expats season 2? What exactly is going to happen? I too have many questions just like you (in fact, I’m a girl- so my capabilities of asking questions are already higher then most of you I guess!!).

Well, you don’t have to worry about anything. I’ve spent many hours while asking our very own sources, scanning the updates from other Hollywood outlets and watching the QnA’s of Expats season 1. All this for the sake of collecting some of the most authentic, precise and up-to-date news for you. So let’s know everything about Expats season 2 that you are looking for.

Expats Season 2: Will It Happen?

Expats season 2 release date
image via Amazon studios

Don’t feel discouraged after reading that heading. When Expats was about to land on Amazon Prime, there were no updates regarding it’s future. In fact, nobody were even thinking about the first season itself. It was the name of Nicole Kidman which was attracting viewers single handedly.

However, it didn’t took long for Amazon to confirm that Expats is going to be the one time type of show. In their official reports, it is said that Expats is going to be the one part series which will uncover many challenges and social impacts which are being faced by women. The main motive was to show that doesn’t matter which country or race you belongs to, the challenges will remain there for everyone and in an equal manner.

If you are looking for a precise and short answer, then let me say that Expats season 2 will most likely not happen. It is because neither Amazon nor any other cast member, director or officials has said a single word on the future of this TV Show.

Expats is a show which has garnered a good amount of viewership and popularity even with a very limited amount of marketing. I personally can’t remember any merches, TV Spot promos or campaign. It all shows that viewership was never the deal for Amazon. Their main motive was to bring the societal challenges to light and I don’t have any problem with that.

In the time when other companies are busy in making profit, Amazon has taken a step for the sake of society via this beautiful show, so we should just let them do whatever they are trying to do. In short, Expats season 2 is unfortunately having a very uncertain future.

Expats Season 2 Plot: What’s Next For Our Ladies?

Expats season 2 plot predictions
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We knows that Hollywood can deliver us anything at anytime. It is a world beyond our imaginations, anything is possible here. So why not take a look on the future of Expats while hoping that the ladies would return? In fact, I’ve my own theories and predictions about it. So let’s take a look in a quick manner.

I will start with Margaret, the character who has managed to deal with a very strong and emotional plotline during the whole season. Played by Nicole Kidman, the story of Margaret was revolving around the journey of finding answers behind the disappearance of her long lost child Gus. We were expecting a solid answer but Amazon Prime did a whole different thing.

By the end, it is revealed that Margaret sends her kids back to United States of America. It is simply leaving a huge cliffhanger where a sequel season (if happens) may take place. If they moves forward with Expats season 2 then we may get a chance to watch another journey where Margaret can resume her mission to find those unknown answers about her Gus, but this time- with more independency and momentum.

Characters like Hilary and Mercy can also deliver us many big revelations. Hilary has decided to move forward in her life while leaving David while Mercy is the one which has gone through a huge character development throughout this story. Expats season 2 may deliver us a plot where we can get a chance to witness the new life of Mercy (maybe with her newly born child), coupled up with Hilary who can try to go for a higher calling.

On the other hand, we can also watch the growth of other kids of Margaret. They are now in USA, and a whole new story can take place over there. The main theme of this show is to show challenges, so what’s better then showing some in the lives of kids who are going to move forward in a new country! Well, all I want to say is that Expats season 2 has a lot of potential. If it ever gets a green light from Amazon Prime studios then I am pretty sure that it can become a record breaking show without a doubt.

I will be covering everything related to this particular show for sure, so make sure to stick around the corner with TV Prism. We brings you our analysis, authentic and original updates, predictions, theories, reviews and everything related to your favorite TV shows and celebrities. Till then- stay safe, peace out!

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