The Bad Batch Season 3: Release Date & 5 Shocking Plots For The Final Season

The Star Wars saga reserves one of the highly dedicated fan-base of Hollywood. No wonder why Lucasfilm is known for producing some of the highest grossing science-fiction movies of all time. The company was once known for developing only live-action projects, however- now we are getting multiple animated projects as well and The Bad Batch Season 3 will mark the continuation of the same pattern.

Set in another well-known universe, The Bad Batch is currently known for it’s straight forward storylines couples up with a variety of characters and twists. The concept of ‘Orders’ which can not be declined, fights which can dominate your screens and chemistries which are enough to bind every type of audience- The Bad Batch will deliver you everything.

Now that Disney and Lucasfilm has already confirmed about more seasons, I (as a dedicated Star Wars guy) have decided to do some heavy amount of research so you don’t have to. Luckily, I got some of the most authentic updates couples up with my very own predictions which can eventually lead us into the future of this animated universe.

Well, I can assure you that after reading this article, you’ll get everything that you are looking for. So from the release schedule and my predictions- here’s everything that you need to know about The Bad Batch Season 3!

The Bad Batch Season 3: Huge Plot Predictions!

The Bad Batch season 3 predictions
image via Disney+

Before talking about anything, it’s important to take a look on this universe. I mean, we should learn about their upcoming adventures right? After all, both Disney and Lucasfilm are promising us an ‘unexplored’ adventure which itself is enough to build a hype among the audience.

Last season was showing us some of the most interesting twists like Omega’s arresting, betrayal of Crosshair and Cid’s greed to name the few. The Bad Batch season 3 is also expected to keep up the same theme while delivering us a bunch of new surprises and stories. Talking about the cliffhangers then Yes, we do have one which itself is enough to give me an idea for the first few episodes of season 3.

5) Where Is Emerie Karr?

The best way to begin my predictions is to bring back the ending of season 2. If you can’t remember properly then let me remind you the sequence from the second season which was showing us the hidden identity of Karr. By the end of season 2, it was revealed that Emerie Karr was actually not present in the fight.

When Crosshair betrayed to the Empire, it was revealed that Karr was the one who was actually a clone of Jango Fett. Yes, it simply means that Jango is safe wherever this entity is living. The Bad Batch season 3 may simply pick up this storyline to showcase the real plans of him while also delivering us some of the most intense fight scenes between the Batch and other clones.

4) Let’s Team Up!

a still from The Bad Batch season 2
image via Disney+

One of the most interesting plot that we may witness is revolving around our Omega and Crosshair. By the end of season 2, Omega was trapped on Weyland along with Crosshair. In fact, some very cruel experiments are taking place on this island under the guidance of Doctor Hemlock.

Emerie Karr aka Jango’s clone is playing a very vital role in this specific prediction as both of these are working together on their experiments. It would be cool to see how Omega and Crosshair manages to work together in order to escape through this island. I would also love to add an additional plot to reveal the real plans of Jango. I mean, she is also the so-called ‘sister’ of Omega- so it makes a lot of sense for the company to take a deep dive into her chemistry with Omega.

3) The Return Of Pabu!

The Bad Batch season 3 may also bring back Pabu (I would definitely love to bring it back). In season 2, the squad was taking a break on an idyllic island on the planet Pabu while on the run. We also saw how Omega was feeling comfortable in this community which ultimately gives studios a chance to bring it back once again.

Keep in mind that Omega is in danger, so Pabu can play a vital role in the escape of our talented gem. Despite the possibilities of the return of Pabu, I feels like it also brings a risk of exploitation of the civilization which was found there. Reason is quiet simple- the whole civilization was free from any kind of imperial rule. By helping Omega or anyone like her. they simply runs a danger of getting a heartbreak!

2) More Imperial Projects!

The Bad Batch season 3 will bring more Imperial powers
image via Disney+

I am moving back to Wayland once again. This planet is the one which can even deliver us an entire season and reason is pretty straight forward- the secret projects. Season 2 has already revealed that many experiments are taking place on Wayland, some of them are very confidential that they can’t even work on it openly.

Omega and Crosshair are trapped on this planet and clone experiments are the one which can be conducted on our duo. I would say that season 3 is definitely going to show us many secret projects and experiments from Wayland which will eventually lead us towards many other collapses.

It is also possible that we may get a chance to watch clones of some unidentified species, I mean, we don’t even know the total number of secret projects which are help tight there right?

1) Big Bad Guys Will Appear!

I will end my list of predictions with the inclusion of some big bad guys. I am referring at the entities like Grand Admiral Thrawn, Darth Vader and others. You may ask me the question of HOW! Well, let me tell you everything.

The best moment from season 2 was the one when Emperor Palpatine arrived in the Senate (you can’t say no, will you?). It simply means that more big entities may land in this saga. To be more specific, I would say that the chances of appearance of Darth Maul and Darth Vader are the highest of all. Maul can appear as the leader of Crimson Dawn while Vader may face the Batch for the sake of Empire.

Either way, one of these entities are definitely going to land in The Bad Batch season 3- and I am all down to go on a debate for this specific prediction. It will also bring a huge development in the entire storyline where we can get a chance to watch a positive character development of our Batch members.

The Bad Batch Season 3 Release Schedule!

The Bad Batch season 3 release schedule
image via Disney+

Now that we’ve talked about my predictions, I would love to share everything that I’ve found in my heavy-duty research about the release schedule of this fantastic universe. So what is the release date of The Bad Batch season 3?

You are way too lucky because The Bad Batch season 3 is premiering exclusively on Disney+ starting from February 21, 2024. The title of it’s first episode is “Confined” and it’s name is enough to say a lot about it. In fact, you will be getting it’s second episode on the same day! Yes, Disney+ is releasing the first two episodes of this saga on February 21, however, the rest of the episodes will be released on the classic pattern of one episode per week.

Well, it was pretty much of everything that I want to share with you all. Oh yes, don’t forget to renew your subscriptions or else you’ll miss your chance to witness this epic season. Make sure to stick around the corner with TV Prism as brings you some of the most authentic and original content related to your favorite TV shows and celebrities. Till then, stay safe, peace out!

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