Demon Slayer Season 4: Trailer, Release Date, Huge Plot Twists & Surprising Updates!

Demon Slayer season 4 is down the line and it is just a matter of time when we will finally witness the peak of this ultimate saga. The show has already received it’s early premiere in Japan and with no wonder, it is dominating over their screens. Yes, I also lives in US and I am eagerly waiting to watch it’s future sequences from the ease of my home. Now that it’s early Japanese reviews are just too good to be true, I think it’s a perfect time to talk about it.

Well, I won’t only tell you about the release schedule, but will also take a quick look on every single and official updates which are finally out in public domain. So hey! Let’s take a moment off from your busy life and feel the vibes of this magical saga once again!

Demon Slayer Season 4 Release Date!

Demon Slayer season 4 release date
Demon Slayer official poster

One of the most exciting update that you and I want to know is of-course it’s release schedule. I won’t flip the tables and will try to keep this article as much precise as I can. So what’s the big question- What is the release date of Demon Slayer season 4?

I have a solid answer for you. If you don’t know then a Demon Slayer Movie is currently running in theatres in Japan. Yes I am not even joking. Demon Slayer: Hashira Training is a movie which will showcase the first episode of Demon Slayer season 4 in theatres. The movie is not really a linear story, but will take place in a compilation manner.

Demon Slayer: Hashira Training will hit theatres on Friday, February 23, 2024 and you can watch it exclusively with your families and friends. It simply means that the fourth season will land in the next two months for sure. You may ask that “how do I know this?

Well, the company has already confirmed that Demon Slayer season 4 will land on streaming services somewhere in the Springs of 2024. Now that it’s movie is releasing in the last week of February, it feels pretty promising to say that the fourth season will keep up the pattern of it’s previous drops (Yes, the show is known for releasing it’s seasons in the month of April). It will also give enough time to the movie in order to earn a good amount of profit.

Demon Slayer Season 4: Twisted Plot!

Demon Slayer season 4 gets a surprising plotline
image via Demon Slayer TV Show

So now you knows almost everything about the release schedule of Demon Slayer season 4, but do we knows anything about it’s plotline? Well, no need to worry about because I do have an official synopsis of Demon Slayer season 4.

This time, the entire plot is going to spread limelight on our Tanjiro. The fourth season will focus on the training sessions of this epic character as the main aim is going to make him a Hashira. If you don’t know then Hashira is the high rank within the Demon Slayer Corps and it requires a good amount of hard work to become one.

Tanjiro will work with Himejima, who is a hard-working and dedicated Hashira. This individual will test Tanjiro in all the aspects of human limits. Let me tell you one thing (it should be a secret between us!)- Demon Slayer season 4 will deliver you some of the biggest twists with new faces (that’d be a spoiler so I am not going to reveal those names).

One last thing that I’d love to add is the fact that Demon Slayer Season 4 is adapting chapters 128-136. Those are the exact chapters where we witnesses the entire Hashira Training Arc. It is also covered in Volumes 15 and 16 but you can catch it through various online summaries as well. So no need to take worries if you’ve not read any of those chapters.

Demon Slayer Season 4: First Trailer Release Date!

Demon Slayer Season 4 Trailer date
image via Demon Slayer TV Show

I’ve covered almost everything, whether it is the release schedule and plotline. Is anything still missing? Oh yeah- the first trailer of Demon Slayer Season 4. So when should we expect it?

Let me assure you that the first official trailer of Demon Slayer Season 4 is all set to capture your attention anytime soon. Since the Demon Slayer Movie is getting a theatrical release and also the fourth season may land by April of this year- it’s first trailer should be just around the corner. I would say that the company may reveal it’s first look by mid of March without a doubt (or maybe sooner).

It is also possible that they may showcase it’s first trailer with this movie as well. I’ve noticed a pattern where studios are promoting their upcoming projects by running the trailers along with their theatrical releases- so hey! Expect it’s trailer anytime soon!

Last but of course not the least- where can you watch Demon Slayer season 4? Well, following it’s classic patterns, the fourth season will land straight on Crunchyroll in the US and UK. If you want to watch it on Netflix then you may have to wait for five or six more months. Believe me, Crunchyroll is all fine and you can simply buy one of it’s cheapest subscription plan- I mean, what’s bad in streaming this trending show straight away?

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