Scarlett Johansson Mimics Sen. Katie Britt on Saturday Night Live

While Hollywood is full of surprises, we gets something that dominates our trending charts for days and weeks. Scarlett Johansson is the next name which is now hitting the trending bars for her iconic and humorous performance during Saturday Night Live.

The show kicked off the March 9 episode mocking President Joe Biden’s State of the Union address – but hey! this was not all. Scarlett Johansson – otherwise known as Mrs. Colin Jost – made a cameo appearance during the show’s cold open. Her cameo was one thing – the fact that she was presenting us an iconic mimic is the thing which is getting a lot of attraction.

The Marvel actress can be seen playing Alabama Sen. Katie Britt in her much-talked about GOP rebuttal to President Joe Biden’s State of the Union address on Thursday. She opens the show with her back to back hard hitting words, but everything starts with Mikey who says, “every time I say predecessor, Mike Johnson shakes hisbhead like he just accidentally caught 30 seconds of the show ‘Euphoria’“.

Finally it was that moment when Scarlett Johansson appears in her iconic look as Britt, stating, “Tonight I’ll be auditioning for the part of ‘Scary Mom.’ I’ll be performing an original monologue called “This Country is Hell.’

While Scarlett is known for her hard hitting action sequences in Marvel, this talented western girl also garners a lot of attraction with her humor – that’s the reason why Saturday Night Live is now getting a lot of praise to deal with this particular sequence while casting Mrs. Johansson as the led. She continues, “You see, I’m not just a mother. I’m a wife, a mother, and the craziest b—h in the Target parking lot.

Scarlett Johansson and Ariana Grande in Saturday Night Live

She was not leaving a single chance to mock Britt, and that was the main point of our laughter right? Johansson’s Britt can later be seen selling her “gorgeous bejeweled cross necklace” midway through her speech. Few moments passes and she gets “weirdly seductive for no apparent reason.” Later in the show, you can also spot a “Get Out” pun where Johansson can be spotted with a teacup and a spoon coupled up with the cameras cutting to a terrified Kenan Thompson with tears.

Just in case if you don’t know then this episode of Saturday Night Live was hosted by “Dune: Part Two” star Josh Brolin. The star can be seen jumping into an actual ice bath for a cold plunge during his monologue. The main point of spotlight was our iconic Ariana Grande and she was looking just too phenomenal during the episode.

Well, there’s something that makes SNL a evergreen saga. We can spot multiple Hollywood celebs enjoying their time while dealing with many controversial or entertaining topics. Last week it was Sydney Sweeney who was portraying herself in multiple different roles. The ‘Anyone But You’ actress was also mocking her latest film ‘Madame Web’ on it’s box office performance.

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