Stranger Things 5: First Trailer, Release Date & Shocking Plots For The Finale

Netflix is taking some of the boldest moves in recent years. From releasing a movie with unique animation style (Nimona) to bringing us the concept of Squid Games– this company knows exactly how to tackle it’s audience. Stranger Things 5 is going to be the next big project which will mark the continuation of one of it’s highly established sagas of all time.

The fourth season was enough to deliver us many unexpected yet surprising twists. While you may wonder about it’s future, Netflix has already decided the direction where it will be taking the story of upside down. In fact, many huge updates are now circulating online and with no surprise- it is looking truly phenomenal.

Well, I’ve spent my entire day in Upside Down while gathering some of the most up-to-date, trending and authentic updates straight from my very own sources. I’ll also reveal three of my most shocking predictions about the plot of fifth season. From release schedule to latest updates and predictions- here’s everything that you need to know about Stranger Things season 5!

Stranger Things Season 5: Latest Updates!

Sara from Stranger Things 4
image via Netflix

Before talking about my predictions (which will definitely blow your mind), I think we should take a look on everything that I’ve gathered in my heavy research. First and foremost, let me tell you that Terminator star Linda Hamilton is officially joining the cast of Stranger Things 5. What character is she going to play is still kept under wraps by the company, but I can assure you that Linda is most likely going to be on the ritual-type of side.

Unlike other actors of recent times, Linda is planning to stop herself from watching Stranger Things 5. In an interview, the Terminator star has said:

“When you buy into something, you don’t see yourself in it. So I think it ruined the show for me. I never watch [a project] once I’m in something. It would completely take me out of the reality of it to see myself in there. So I won’t be watching season 5!”

Well, it’s your choice Linda. We can’t really do anything in it. Just don’t spoil the show. Anyways, next big thing that you would love to know is regarding it’s filming. Let me tell you that Stranger Things 5 has already begun it’s filming and your Nancy has already revealed a first look from the sets on her socials (just check it out her pages!).

Talking about it’s release date then it is literally very uncertain. I won’t give you false hopes so let me share the exact status of this show. Back in 2023, it was reported that Stranger Things season 5 will land by fall 2024, but hold on- it was reported before the historical strike of SAG-AFTRA. Many things have changed since then. In fact, I would say that it is currently looking impossible for Netflix to bring back this show in next six or seven months.

The filming has just begun and the casting is also under way- so all I can say is that: “don’t expect Stranger Things 5 to land before early 2025 (at the earliest). Hence, you can expect it’s first official trailer to land somewhere in winter holidays aka late 2024! “. Let them cook, because things can get spoiled in rushing the process right? I will keep this section updated once I gets any other crucial update, but till then- it’s everything that is currently out in public domain.

Stranger Things 5: Huge Plot Predictions

Stranger Things 5 plot predictions
Nancy is in Stranger Things 5

Now that I’ve revealed almost everything that I knew about Stranger Things 5, but hold a minute- what exactly is going to happen in the finale? Are we going to witness something unexpected? What is in the faith of our Eleven, Max and others? I know that you do have a lot of questions burning in your minds and to be honest, it’s very normal. I myself was wondering about these queries until I decided to answer them by myself.

The Duffer Brothers are not ready to say a single word on the main theme of Stranger Things 5, all they are doing is building a hype among us for the future. Of course it’s true that the possibilities are endless and no wonder if some of my below mentioned predictions gets ignored. Still, what’s bad in trying right? I mean, that’s what a real theorist do!

Vecna’s Zombies!

Vecna in Stranger Things 4
image via Netflix

While the level of uncertainties are quiet high, I am going to move forward with the theme of Zombies. Don’t get confused as I will prove my point in next couple of sentences. To begin, let’s talk about our Henry. He is the character who managed to survive the Upside Down after supposedly dying. It is the exact moment from where my theory is brewing.

In fact, when I paid enough attention on the sequence where Nancy was getting tormented by Vecna, I noticed Barb, who was looking like a Zombie-decaying creature. It feels like The Duffer Brothers have already hinted at an upcoming theme of Zombie in Stranger Things 5. But the question remains- How?

As per my creative mind who loves to theorize a lot, it is possible that Vecna keeps his victims alive to use them as a pawn in their Zombie form to affect the mankind. If it happens then I am pretty sure that Stranger Things 5 will definitely break multiple records on streaming platforms!

Will’s Faith In Stranger Things 5!

Stranger Things 5 will explore Will's faith
Fan-art for Stranger Things 5

One character who is definitely going to deliver us many surprises is none other then our Will. Fans like me do have some major theories which are revolving completely around this specific character and I am going to begin with the most basic yet an interesting one.

As per this theory, Will may receive a similar treatment like Billy did in season 3. I would say that Vecna may control Will as per his own choice in order to use this character as a troop. If Netflix moves forward with this plot then our gang do have to defeat Will first if they really want to reach Vecna.

Second theory about this character suggests that Eleven and team may use Will as a weapon to reach Vecna. In fact, I will go with the second one- but why?

Well, it is possible that Will may inherit some powers from Upside Down which can later be used to manipulate Vecna and his world as well. Yes, it will also present a new type of challenge for our team- but Eleven is here to deal with them right? If you’ll track down the patterns of Will’s actions then you can also notice something suspicious about this character.

Many fans believes that Will is the only character who is already controlling many stuffs during the events of last two seasons. I won’t go deep in those events but believe me- something is cooking inside Will’s mind for sure!

New & Brutal Monsters!

Hydra in Stranger Things 4
image via Netflix

If we are talking about the Stranger Thins saga, then it’s almost impossible to not talk about the monsters. Well, if you are someone who can’t watch extreme level of horror stuffs then I would suggest you to simply skip Stranger Things 5 ( and I am dead serious this time guys!).

By the end of season 4, it is revealed that a collision is going to take place between Hawkins and Upside Down. Since Stranger Things season 5 is going to be the last season of this saga, I am pretty sure that The Duffer Bros. will try die hard to bring monsters from extreme levels. If you’ll ask me about my predictions then I will move forward with Hydra.

This monster was foreshadowed by the painting of Will, and we knows very well that this show never reveals anything accidentally. Netflix on the other hand will also try to bring the ultimate level of surprises and twists in the last season of one of it’s most successful IP’s, hence- expect as much as you can (everything!).

The merging of Hawkins and Upside Down is looking very much similar to that of the events from Stephan King’s movie ‘The Mist’, and that’s where these speculations are coming from. Many giant entities, terrifying monsters and multiple other well known faces from the past can also appear, after all anything is possible in the world of Vecna. Even Netflix has also confirmed that a time jump will take place, so expect the unexpected!

To be honest, you can make hundreds of theories for this universe and no surprise why it has a huge following across the globe. I personally just can’t wait to stream it from the ease of my home, can you? Make sure to stick around the corner with TV Prism as we brings you some of the most authentic, trending and original content. It can be theories, predictions, updates, analysis, reviews or whatever you can think of. Till then, stay safe, peace out!

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