Percy Jackson Full Episode 3 Explained With Unanswered Questions For You

Percy Jackson and the Olympians is now streaming on Disney+ and it’s the perfect time to answer some of it’s most interesting questions. Despite delivering us three episodes, we do have a lot to cover in this holidays special show.

Percy Jackson episode 3, “We Visit the Garden Gnome Emporium,” featured Percy, Annabeth, and Grover forgoing the safety of Percy Jackson’s demigod camp and heading out into a world filled with monsters and gods. However, there were some scenes or you can say some specific dialogues which are now confusing many fans and I think that it’s my duty to explain them for you.

So what exactly is happening in Percy Jackson Episode 3? Medusa is dead? Who is going to be our demigod?

Well, I have everything that you are looking for, so without any further ado, let’s deal with Percy Jackson Episode 3 from my POV!

Percy Jackson Episode 3: Detailed Explanation!

Percy Jackson

The third episode is picking up the ending of it’s previous episode that was creating many questions among us. We knows that Percy was trying to make a call during episode 2, however, now it is revealed that he will be needing the approval of the Quest from the Oracle.

As soon as our Percy submits his request to the Oracle, which is nothing but just a skeleton of spirit Halloween, it takes the form of Gabe (Timm Sharp), who is Percy’s step-dad. Shocking right?

Things becomes even more surprising when Gabe warns Percy by saying, “You should be betrayed by the one who calls you friend, and fail to save what matters most in the end.” If you’ve read the original novel then you knows that it is a direct reference to it’s original chapter.

Anyways, as we moves forward in the episode, we gets a chance to witness the series of apologies. Percy tells Luke that he can’t go with him, why? That’s because our Percy was afraid of what Gabe told him, “betrayed by the one who calls you friend“!

Finally after few moments, our trio gets assembled to arrive for their mission. Percy, Annabeth and Grover was all set but a surprise was waiting for Percy.

Annabeth bids farewell to a tree which was confusing our main protagonist, however, Grover explains to Percy that when Thalia was in danger of being killed, Zeus did all he could to transform his daughter into another living thing. This was the exact point when I was wondering about the will power of Zeus, but yeah, that’s why he is a god and we are a human right?

So moving forward in the episode, this trio’s mission was on and while they were travelling, Percy asks Grover, “Does she think she’s in charge?” This dialogue is complete in itself because we all knows about the main theme of this TV show and so it’s novel.

The whole theme of Percy Jackson episode 3 was about how Grover wants to be the happy mediator while Percy and Annabeth do not get along.

Percy Jackson Season 1

Finally our trio reaches New York, where they board a bus; soon, they’re on the way to Los Angeles to find Hades in the underworld. Now during all these sequences, I don’t know why but Percy was looking way too confused, but he is still going along with it. Who knows, maybe his main motive is to reunite with his mom. If that’s the case then according to me, Percy is not paying enough importance to the quest and maybe that’s why Grover tries to tell him why the quest is so important!

Anyways, finally the bus stops near the gas station where Annabeth tries to go inside the gas station in order to buy some snacks. Percy asks to go along with her but she denies his offer. Both of our main protagonists starts arguing but Grover appears at the right time, I mean he always do right?

He suggests them to go inside the gas station all together and both Percy and Annabeth says “YES!” This decision of Grover was game changing in my opinion because in the next few seconds, evil monster Alecto appears on our screens, who tries to stop the bus and catch Percy.

If you don’t know then Alecto is the monster who was sent to kill Luke, Annabeth and Thalia all those years ago, however, Annabeth has something to hold over the monster’s head.

Despite the attack of this evil monster, our kids escapes the scene via secret path that was known to Grover, am I the only one who thinks that Grover is rising as our main hero in this episode?. In fact, the funny yet an interesting question is that, why Hades is sending this ‘good-for-nothing’ monster to catch those kids?

Now this time, Percy’s confidence breaks up and he was ready to call for the backup, but Annabeth stops him once again. She explains why Percy should embrace his demigod abilities rather then getting scared with these small stuffs, and according to me, she is right!

Grover tries to divert their argument but suddenly Medusa appears! Yes, the myth, the legend! That’s what I was waiting for.

Percy asks Grover and Annabeth to follow him and enter the place because he trusts Medusa, for-now atleast, and according to me, this decision was right because Alecto can’t enter as she is afraid of Medusa, so our kids are safe.

Medusa from Percy Jackson

An entire buffet was waiting for the kids in Medusa’s house, however, Annabeth was cautious before eating anything, and the reason was quite simple. Annabeth’s mom Athena was the one who cursed Medusa. Now there are two different perspectives here, according to Annabeth, her mom cursed Medusa because she thinks that Medusa was evil. On the other hand, Medusa says that Athena was bitter about the relationship of Medusa and Poseidon.

However, now Medusa argues, this “curse” is more of a gift that protects her from the cruel bullies of the world—like Athena. So everything is fine now!

Now the fun begins, Medusa suggests Percy to leave his friends as she will help him because of that “sympathy” thing. Percy, however, rejects the idea which affects Medusa and she leaves the scene, for few minutes of-course!. The trio plans to toss Annabeth mother’s hat, which makes its user vanish, atop Medusa’s head, and Percy will attempt to stab her with his dagger.

The fight begins which ends in Percy’s favor. He beheads Medusa. Thanks to their clever “invisibility-idea” with the help of which you can watch this episode with your kids, and that’s why this show is rated PG.

Sadly, Grover finds his lost Uncle Ferdinand dead in Medusa’s basement, however, thanks to this moment because now, the trio was united and they agreed to work together rather then arguing for the tag of demigod.

So finally, they sends Medusa’s head to Olympus in order to convince him that everything is going as per their plan and the kids are on right track! The episode ends with a parcel man who was carrying a box for Olympus, maybe it was the one that was sent by the kids and now I just can’t wait to stream the next episode and explain it to you!

But yeah. this was the full and detailed explanation of Percy Jackson Episode 3 and I am definitely going to rate it 8/10. Make sure to stick around the corner with TV Prism because we shares some of the best explanations, reviews, theories and whatever you want in the world of TV shows!

Percy Jackson is out on Disney+ so make sure to give it a try 😉

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