Is Palm Royale Season 2 Confirmed? Series Star Laura Dern Hints For More!

While we are still left with plenty of episodes to cover, people like you and I are already wondering about Palm Royale season 2. In fact, that’s not our fault to be honest. With this level of perfect casting, coupled up with tons of exciting and royal treats – Palm Royale season 1 is engaging us in it’s beautiful world very perfectly. Initially announced as a ‘mini-series,’ the show has garnered a lot of love on Apple TV and that’s the main reason why we are bound to talk about more episodes.

While there is a trend if leaving some sort of cliffhangers in Hollywood, mini-series usually follows a solid plotline that usually concludes itself by the time it ends it’s streaming run – however, shows like ‘The Expats’ were ending themselves with some major plot bases which can also develop a spin-off or even a whole dedicated sequel season. So what’s the matter with Palm Royale season 2? Luckily, series’ producer and star Laura Dern has given an interview to Town & Country where she has referenced a “first season” of Palm Royale. That’s what is now leading us to believe that a second season is not entirely out of the question.

She said, “I know with Mike White, when we were developing Enlightened, that was always a gorgeous question to ask: How can something stand on its own, and be cinematic and true, and then how can you just also start all over again?” Laura was initially not sure about the conclusion of first season and maybe that’s why she was taking the part of ‘starting all over again‘ into considerations. Laura continued:

As producers, that’s been I think a really fun thing to learn about in story. And [writer] Abe [Syliva]’s done a brilliant job and a bold job at doing that.

Palm Royale season 2 preview
image via Apple TV

While she was not giving a direct hint or a tease about Palm Royale season 2, her comments are enough to speak a lot about the future. However, we have to pay a close attention on the ending of first season as well – because that’s what is going to define everything.

Despite the vague answers of Laura, series star Ricky Martin has officially expressed his desire to return for more seasons [hey Apple TV, can you hear me?] In his interview, the actor who is playing the role of Robert told, “I would love to have a season two!” So long story short, I would say that ‘Never Say Never!‘ While the first season is currently trending everywhere, it is the numbers of streaming watch hours that matters – fortunately, those numbers are enough to assure the creators about the success of this royal journey.

As of now, the future for Palm Royale season 2 looks very uncertain, but things will get clear in next couple of months for sure. Keep an eye on TVPrism as we will be covering everything for you. Till then, just renew or buy the subscriptions of Apple TV and enjoy the first season of Palm Royale. Stay safe, peace out!

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