Percy Jackson Season 2 Release Date & Huge Plot Changes

Percy Jackson Season 1 is officially over and wow, what the heck it was! With tons of twists and unexpected cliffhangers, the show was dealing with our emotions very beautifully. We got deaths, we got love, we got chills and what not. Now that it is officially over- What about Percy Jackson Season 2? Will it happen?

What is in the faith of this saga? More importantly, what will happen in the sequel season? Well, I’ve some exclusive updates along with some plot predictions that may land in the future of this beautiful journey. So hold you emotions and let’s know everything about Percy Jackson Season 2!

Is Percy Jackson Season 2 Happening?

Percy Jackson season 2 updates
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The biggest questions that we all wants to know is that- “Are we really getting a second season?” Well, the answer is a bit tricky, but I think it is still enough to surprise you.

The first season was landed on Disney+ with a decent audience as well as the critic’s score on various rating platforms. It was dealing with a solid plotline along with some of the best castings of recent times, and that’s the major reason behind the success of this show itself. Now that it is over- you and I believes that Percy Jackson season 2 will happen, but what about the company itself?

As of now, neither Disney nor any other official or cast member have spoken a single word on the status of it’s development- however, some hints and proven facts are indicating that a second season will definitely happen in the near future.

Disney company is on a wild ride of making back to back sequels- some of the best examples can be Frozen 3, Zootopia 2, Toy Story 5 and many others. In the time when this studio is facing back to back failures at box office, it’s streaming services is the only thing which is bringing in some cash-flow.

Percy Jackson season one has established many records and the company is way too happy with it’s performance. It’s this fact due to which my own sources are confirming that some initial talks has happened regarding Percy Jackson season 2. Now I would love to mention that those talks were nothing more then a normal gossip- but something is always better then nothing right?

We should also consider the fact that shows like Percy Jackson takes a good amount of time, especially in their pre-production states. From casting to script writing and from filming to VFX stuffs- these types of historical shows are definitely not produced quickly, they takes time!

However, after the huge success of season 1, it would be a no brainer to not move forward for a sequel season. So sit back and relax because I am pretty sure that Percy Jackson season 2 will definitely happen. When will it land is still a mystery, but things will get clear in next six months for sure.

Percy Jackson Season 2 Book & Plot Predictions!

Percy Jackson and The sea of monsters Novel
Percy Jackson and The Sea of Monsters Novel

Now we knows that Percy Jackson season 2 will happen, but what exactly will happen in this saga? What is in the faith of our Percy and rest of the gang? Which book or story are they going to adopt for the future? Hold on, I do have the answers for all these questions!

Let’s start with the book- Which novel or it’s story will happen in Percy Jackson Season 2? Well, it is highly possible that Disney may introduce the plot from the second book of the series: “The Sea Of Monsters“! If you’ve not read it then don’t worry, I will give a short idea that will automatically clear your doubts.

As the name itself suggests, ‘The Sea Of Monsters‘ sends Percy into some dangerous waters. Not only this, the book also introduces some of the most fan favorite characters who later plays a very vital role in helping Percy and saving his life multiple times. To make it even more clear, you’ve never seen any of those characters in any of the previously made Live-Action remake of Percy Jackson.

The ending of first season was looking very concluding, and to be honest, I would love to leave it like that. We don’t really want to watch something that can eventually stretch the previous plot for no reasons, in fact, it may spoil the meaning of ‘conclusion’ as well.

To be more specific, Percy Jackson season 2 might show the exact storyline of ‘The Sea Of Monsters‘ which is a much safer route for this entire franchise. If Disney moves forward with it, then be ready to watch something unexpected with our Grover!

Let me tell you that in the second novel of Percy Jackson, Grover is actually kidnapped by the Cyclops Polyphemus. The whole novel covers the journey of Percy and his ‘new‘ gang who arrives for a mission to save their beloved friend. Not only this, the book also shows the attack of Titan on Camp Half-Blood and by the end- Percy saves everyone by bringing the Golden Fleece to cure Thalia’s poisoned pine tree.

Now I would also suggest you to expect some plot changes, I mean- nobody will watch the story that they already knows right? We want something unique and of course from a different perspective. So expect some pretty big changes in the future of this gang.

In short, I would say that Percy Jackson season 2 will happen and it’s just a matter of time until they announces it officially. Yes, you’ll definitely see something familiar to whatever I’ve predicted and confirmed above- so I think you do have a good idea now. If rumors to be believed then the second season may land by late 2024 or early 2025, but if you’ll ask me then I will go with a late 2025 release schedule (at the earliest).

We will keep this article updated so no need to worry about! Make sure to stick around the corner with TV Prism as we covers some of the most exclusive, original and trending updates followed by our very own theories, analysis and predictions related to your favorite celebs and TV Shows. Till then, stay safe, peace out!

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