“Kung Fu Panda 5 is Happening!”, Confirms Co-Director

Kung Fu Panda 5 will happen, and this news has been shared officially by the co-director of the fourth film itself. Yes! I know that Kung Fu Panda 4 has just landed into theatres and I am already talking about a fifth film— but it is what it is, and this time— it’s official!

A villain who can shape-shift herself into literally anything or everything, Kung Fu Panda 4 is dealing with a very interest plotline. The movie is portraying the faith of our Po in a very beautiful way that no other can define it. Set in a peaceful world where Po is trying to gain his inner peace, the movie is a perfect treat for both it’s characters and the audience.

The first three Kung Fu Panda movies were dominating over box office. It is the power of this franchise which makes it a perfect example of quality over quantity. Finally after waiting for years, we are getting Kung Fu Panda 4 but with that comes a feeling of sadness as we all were expecting it to be the last of this decade long saga.

Well, DreamWorks has some bigger plans and if you are really into this Kung Fu Panda saga— then this article is for you. Here’s everything which has been revealed about Kung Fu Panda 5!

Kung Fu Panda 5 Will Happen!

Tai Lung in Kung Fu Panda 4
Tai Lung in Kung Fu Panda 4

While Kung Fu Panda 4 is finally getting released in theatres across the globe, we are getting a mixed reaction from both the audience and the critics— however, I would say that majority of the reactions are very satisfying and highly positive. Jack Black is reprising his role as iconic Po the Dragon Warrior while Awkafina is joining him as Zhen, a sidekick who is more like the second main character.

When the fourth film was developing at DreamWorks animation studio, many reports were circulating online regarding the faith of our Po and his future movies. Most of them were claiming that Kung Fu Panda 4 will be the final part of this decade long saga that will finally give rest to the epic journey of Po.

At first, none of us was believing on those reports but later we got some sort of hints straight from the parent company itself which were marking the confirmation on the fact that Kung Fu Panda 4 is indeed the final part of this saga. There’s a reason why I always says that Hollywood is full of surprises and you can expect the unexpected.

As soon as the first official trailer drops, the hype was at peak. Po was returning alongside Zhen and the villain herself was enough to build up the excitement among the fans. That was the time when many new reports circulated online with the bunch of new and exciting updates. Even sources like ScreenRant and Collider reported that Kung Fu Panda 4 is not the conclusion— but it is the beginning of a new trilogy.

Kung Fu Panda 5 is officially happening
DreamWorks animation studios

Finally after so many indirect and direct hints, tricks and treats— Stephanie Ma Stine, who is the co-director of the fourth film, has officially confirmed more Kung Fu Panda movies. Yes! I am not even joking. These are not any random reports, rumors or speculations- but Kung Fu Panda 5 will officially happen (and who knows? Maybe it is already under development!).

While talking to Variety about the release of Kung Fu Panda 4, Stephanie has hinted that the fourth film is not the ending of this story and fans ‘should’ expect more films. Her quote reads, “This is definitely not the end of Po’s story. Please look forward to more.

These few lines are confirming many huge updates and the biggest of all is the fact that she is using the word ‘definitely‘ & ‘please!“. What does it mean? Well, it simply means that they have already planned many plots for the future and they just want to ensure their audience that the game is not over yet.

While the ending of Kung Fu Panda 4 was working like a perfect epilogue, we have to see what they really deliver us in Kung Fu Panda 5. It is possible that the future plot can be dedicated to Zhen who has played a very vital part for Po in the fourth film. Other villains have already met their faith and now they also knows about the real powers and abilities of Po, so I am pretty sure that none of them will be on the bad side (even in the future as well).

Kung Fu Panda 5 can also show us a whole new plotline coupled up with a variety of new villains- but I would suggest you to wait a bit more. The fourth film is now running in theatres and both the DreamWorks studio and the directors will be keeping their eagle eyes on the performance of this project.

However, now you can sit back and relax because Kung Fu Panda 5 is now officially happening and you will be watching our Po in the near future for sure. Our editor ( @elina ) has shared her first honest and clean reaction after watching Kung Fu Panda 4. Don’t worry, she is not mentioning any kind of spoilers, so you can check out the review of Kung Fu Panda 4 on our site.

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