Han So Hee Loves Ryu Jun Yeol, Apologises To Hyeri With Personal Note

It’s official! Ryu Jun Yeol is officially dating Han So Hee, and we’ve got our new love birds!

After series of speculations and theories, the latest post and comments of Ryu Jun Yeol’s agency has finally confirmed the news surrounding our new “couple” (hopefully!). C-Jes Studios released an official statement on March 16 confirming the relationship of Ryu with Nevertheless star Han So Hee and now I can rest in peace (Of course I am kidding).

The statement revealed that the couple has been dating since early January this year, with Ryu Jun Yeol recently expressing his feelings for her. This is not all, our Nevertheless star has now officially shared a handwritten note for confirming multiple speculations, theories and more importantly, the feelings. Her note is revealing two things – the first one is of course her relationship with Ryu and the second thing is her, apologizing to Hyeri and her fans for her previous comment. Her full post can be read here, but I am mentioning some highlighted glimpses below:

“First, [Ryu Jun Yeol] and I have feelings for each other and are in a relationship. However, I would like everyone to refrain from using the term ‘hwanseung’ (Korean slang for cheating, rebounding). It is true we met through a photo exhibition, but the main purpose of my visiting the photo exhibition was to see the exhibition with my photographer friend. I heard that we might be working together [in a future work] so I went to greet him there.”

Later in her post, the actress admits her lame behavior but also declares it as a step taken in the flow of rage and flame of the moment. Just in case if you are getting confused then let me tell you that it was early 2023 when Ryu finishes off his relationship with that of [now ex] girlfriend Hyeri. The fans were blaming our Han So Hee for their breakup responding which the south Korean actress wrote something a “little rude”.

However, now she has officially apologized to Hyeri stating, “I saw a flood of rumors saying that my relationship began before hers ended. I would like to apologize to [Hyeri] for this and I sincerely apologize to everyone, too, for not handling the situation more sensibly.”

Agency Confirms Our New “Love Birds!”

Now that you knows almost everything about their current scenario, you may ask about the official statement of the Agency right? Well, I can’t attach the whole post here [else it will increase the length of this article for no reasons], I am mentioning the main portions below.

“Hello, this is C-Jes Studios. We are writing to update you on the facts as there were speculative articles about Ryu Joon Yeol’s private life following the Hawaii sighting yesterday. Ryu Joon Yeol has been dating Han So Hee since the beginning of this year, after confirming mutual positive feelings. Ryu Joon Yeol got to know Han So Hee after his breakup and he only recently confirmed his feelings for her.”

While we knows that our idols want to keep their relationship stuffs in privacy, the sources and media persons always manages to catch their glimpses. The statement further tackles this issue and says, “In the future, we will not respond to every single request to reveal and confirm our actors’ personal lives in detail to protect their rights at the minimum. Please understand.

Well anyways, I am happy because our idols are happy together. I mean, we all deserves some love-treat right? Stick around the corner with TVPrism as we brings you some of the most authentic, original and trending content related to your favorite TV shows and celebrities.

Till then – stay safe, peace out!

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