Expats Episode 6 Recap: A Strong Finale With Deep Emotions!

Expats episode 6 has finally delivered us a very conclusive ending and while we were already expecting many huge revelations and surprises in finale, the show has delivered us many moments that were totally out of our predictions. In fact, it has left us on a point where we may get a whole another season- but the chances for a second season are way too low.

The show was depicting the challenges from many different perspectives. Whether it is Margaret, Hilary or Mercy- we saw how it feels to a women who is facing backlash for her own decisions or finding challenges in her day to day life to find a crucial part of her own heart (Yes, I am talking about Margaret and her long lost child Gus).

Now that Expats is officially over, it is a perfect time to talk about those hidden messages and beautiful moments that gives this show a very beautiful look. So hey! Let’s take a quick look on some of the most memorable and deep moments from the finale of Expats.

Hilary: A Symbol Of Emotional Intelligence!

Hilary from Expats
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One character which has garnered a lot of attention in almost every single episode of Expats season 1 is none other then our Hilary! In the time where we claims to be a modern society, Expats has revealed the true colors of our civilization. Hilary is the one who belongs to a category of matured individuals but we can still watch her facing challenges due to other individuals.

It was the last three episodes that were revealing the real challenges of Hilary. From the decisions of not having a baby to that of filing a divorce- almost every single decision of hers were getting influenced by the society, but wait! Hilary never got manipulated by anyone. Maybe that’s what makes her a real icon to represent the concept of ‘emotional-intelligence‘.

In Expats episode 6, Hilary faces another big moment of her life when she finally faces her father- the man who is responsible for the miserable conditions of both Hilary and her mother. She goes to a meet her father who was going through a medical process. It was that heart-shattering moment for her when she meets another family of her own dad.

She also meets the boy aka the son of her father that he had with another woman and to be honest, I do have a huge respect for Hilary because she was behaving while staying calm and composed which also represents her maturity.

Despite all those betrayals of her own dad, Hilary tries to manage a conversation with the woman and her son, but soon we realize that she is not going to forgive her father at any cost. Reason why I am calling her a symbol of emotional intelligence is pretty simple. She lies to her father with a news of her getting pregnant with a baby boy. She did this to manage the critical condition of her dad, even though he has betrayed her and her mother.

It shows her real intelligence but at the same time, she declares that she will try die hard to keep her son protected from the name of his grandpa! It confirms that she will never forgive him but she won’t take any decisions which may cause a chaos in that critical situation and circumstances as well.

Margaret: A Mother Who Is Slowly Dying!

Margaret in Expats season 1
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Next on my key points is a person who is dying, not physically, but internally. Expats is showing us a very beautiful journey and feelings of a mother who is trying to find an answer which is almost impossible to deal with, but hey! Mothers do have some special powers. They can feel their children and no matter what, the moms will always try till their last breath to protect their kids right?

Anyways, Expats episode 6 starts with the same pattern where we witnesses our Margaret who is trying 24/7 to find the unknown answers. In episode 5, it was revealed that Margaret wants to leave Hong Kong in order to go back to USA with her family. Now in the season’s finale, she brings another twist by taking her step back at the last moment- hence, deciding to stay there for finding more answers.

I don’t know whether they will ever make Expats season 2, but this decision of Margaret will definitely make a huge impact on the lives of her own family.

Mercy: A Girl Who Finally Finds Solace In Expats!

Mercy finds solace in Expats episode 6
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If you’ll ask me to pick one face who has gone through a huge development of character, then I will be moving forward with our Mercy. A simple, sophisticated and a charming person who goes through a series of changes during Expats which later results in her character development by the end of Expats episode 6.

Mercy was the one got caught up in a wrong moment at the wrong time. She kept punishing herself for her whole life without even trying to understand the situation. Mercy’s character is the only entity of Expats which (according to me) deserves better. She indeed has done some mistakes in her previous years, but to be honest- all those sequences were not in her control.

By the end of Expats, we finally get a chance to witness a moment where our Mercy gets a breakdown. She faces a storm of tears in her mother’s arms which was both warming and sad at the same time. The show has beautifully covered her journey from being a young girl to a fully matured individual with a huge responsibility (of a child).

The Confusing Arc Of David!

David and Mercy in Expats
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Out of all the other characters from Expats, David is the one who felt very confused during the whole season. I mean, this guy was indeed trying to bring some stability in his relationship- but the efforts were far less then those which were being made by our Hilary. In fact, David was lagging in many sphere of his own life.

One big question that we all had about Expats episode 6 was: “What will be the decision of David about the baby of Mercy?” I was expecting some maturity from him, but he remained confused. In episode 5, David was behaving like he cares about the future of Mercy as he was motivating her to move forward with a new beginning. He should try to bring some clarity in his own relationship with Hilary as well, however, he was busy in motivating someone else.

This was not a problem at all until he shows another immaturity in Expats episode 6. He offers Mercy to abort the child that she is trying to keep. I mean, let her take those critical decisions. Of-course you can show her a direction, but how can you ask someone to take such step when you yourself is involved to bring a huge change in her life?

Anyways, David should’ve try to bring some positive change by showing some clarity for both Mercy and Hilary- but he remained confused. Well, it’s his decision and I can’t really change anything right? Expats was the type of show which are made to showcase the reality of our society and luckily- it was doing it in a very beautiful way.

These four points are enough to explain the whole season of Expats. I enjoyed it a lot and to be honest, this is the type of shows which deserves multiple awards and recognition. What were your favorite moments and glimpses from Expats?

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