Every Upcoming Disney+ Series Of 2024 [Updated!]

Let’s talk about the best upcoming Disney+ series which are going to rock your world with their engaging plotlines, intense action and hilarious moments. The streaming platform has observed a rise in it’s watch-time just because of it’s back to back massive hits in 2024, and now is the time to take a closer look on it’s future projects.

We’ve seen the classic mythologies with Percy Jackson and the Rise of Olympians, universal threats with Star Wars: The Bad Batch season 3 and the ongoing masterpiece of X-Men ’97. So what’s coming next? Just grab some popcorns, rest on your couch as I takes you on a wild ride of the top best upcoming Disney+ series of 2024!

Upcoming Disney+ Series In May 2024:

Descendants: The Rise of Red
image via Disney+

May 4 – Star Wars: Tales Of The Empire

The show explores the galaxy through the eyes of two characters facing the rise of the Empire. Morgan Elsbeth, fueled by a personal vendetta, navigates the harsh realities of Imperial rule. Meanwhile, Barriss Offee, a fallen Jedi, fights for survival in a world that no longer recognizes her kind. Their contrasting journeys offer a multifaceted perspective on a galaxy in turmoil.

May 10 – Doctor Who

Whovians can catch up on the 2023 specials before diving into a fresh adventure with a brand new Doctor. Starting May 10th, Ncuti Gatwa takes the helm of the TARDIS alongside companion Ruby Sunday, played by Millie Gibson.

The season premiere drops three episodes: “The Church on Ruby Road,” “Space Babies,” and “Devil’s Chord.” Get ready to journey “through time and space,” from the elegance of Regency England to the chaos of war-torn future worlds. Whispers hint at a formidable new villain waiting to challenge the Doctor.

Upcoming Disney+ Series In June 2024:

Star Wars The Acolyte
image via Disney+

Star Wars: The Acolyte

The Acolyte plunges us into the twilight of the High Republic era, a century before the prequel films. A revered Jedi Master confronts a wave of unsettling crimes, leading him down a path that clashes with his former Padawan and exposes a darkness threatening the galaxy.

The Real Red Tails

Deep beneath the surface of Lake Huron lies a P-39 Airacobra, a silent witness to a World War II tragedy. This one-hour documentary sheds light on the forgotten story of Second Lieutenant Frank Moody, a 22-year-old Tuskegee Airman who vanished during a training mission in 1944.

Utilizing unprecedented access, the program follows a team of underwater archaeologists on a historic mission: recovering remnants of Moody’s aircraft for the first time in 80 years. Through captivating underwater footage of the wreckage and firsthand accounts from Moody’s fellow airmen, the documentary aims to unravel the mystery surrounding the plane’s fate. Will their efforts bring long-awaited answers and offer a final tribute to the lost Tuskegee pilot?

Upcoming Disney+ Series In July:

Descendants: The Rise of Red

In “Descendants: The Rise of Red,” chaos erupts in Auradon as the fiery Red, daughter of the infamous Queen of Hearts, and the rule-abiding Chloe, Cinderella’s offspring, find themselves on opposite sides. But when a threat to the kingdom emerges, these unlikely allies must put aside their differences. With the help of a magical time-traveling device, they embark on a mission to rewrite history and prevent a pivotal event that twisted the Queen of Hearts into the villain she is today. The movie will premiere on July 12.

More New Disney+ Series Coming In The Near Future:

Agatha: Darkhold Diaries - Best upcoming Disney+ series
image via Disney+

Star Wars: Skeleton Crew

Let’s make our list of upcoming Disney+ series more exciting. Skeleton Crew tells a coming-of-age story about four children who make a discovery on their home planet, get lost in the galaxy, and go on an adventure to get back home. As of now, no fixed release schedule is announced by Disney or Lucasfilm but I am keeping an eagle eye on them, so I will make sure to update this section as soon as they confirms the release schedule.

Agatha: Darkhold Diaries

This is the show for which I personally just can’t wait. Reason? Well, say thanks to Elizabeth Olsen lead Wandavision. Talking about the plot details then trouble returns to Westview as a wave of unexplained events plagues the town. Agatha Harkness, now seeking to atone for her past actions, finds herself in an unlikely alliance with Billy Kaplan, a young man with a mysterious connection to Westview’s woes. Together, they must unravel a hidden force with roots in the town’s history to restore peace.

Eyes Of Wakanda

Marvel’s upcoming animated series, “Eyes of Wakanda,” dives deep into the nation’s rich history. The show follows a lineage of courageous Wakandan warriors entrusted with a critical mission: recovering dangerous vibranium artifacts scattered across the globe. While the show is currently under very active state of development, the company is looking forward to release it by the end of 2024 itself.

Pixar’s Win Or Lose

Pixar's Win Or Lose
image via Disney+

Yeah, this show is still happening and that’s why I am bringing it into my list of best upcoming Disney+ series. First announced in 2022, “Win or Lose” follows a group of kids who are the part of a soft ball team. The pressure is on for a middle school softball team as the big championship game looms just a week away. Each episode dives into the experience from a unique perspective, revealing the anxieties, excitement, and personal journeys of a different player or person connected to the team.

While this show was initially set to hit Disney+ platform in 2023, Pixar has delayed it. Now as per some latest reports, I can assure you that “Win or Lose” will be premiering straight on your small screens by later this year. So hold tight and keep your hopes high.

Your Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man

This vibrant animated adventure reimagines Peter Parker’s origin story within the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Witness a fresh take on his transformation into Spider-Man, while the series pays homage to the classic comics that started it all. Well, I think Marvel is paying a lot of attention especially on it’s animated series (take X-Men ’97 for example). So if they want to bring us a masterpiece then no wonder why such shows are taking so long in development.

Long story short, this was the full list of best upcoming Disney+ series of 2024. This article will be updated on the basis of new or rescheduled release windows of these shows – so keep an eye on us. Also stick around the corner with TVPrism as we brings you some of the most interesting, engaging, original and detailed trending content related to everything TV and celebrities. Till then – stay safe, peace out!

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