The ‘Secrets’ Behind Fallout TV Show Revealed By Ella Purnell!

The Fallout TV Show is finally available to stream on Amazon Prime video and with no wonder – this show is fulfilling our desires in a very beautiful manner. Set in a post-apocalyptic world, Fallout is a direct adaptation from it’s original gaming series which is known for it’s dominance on multiple different trending charts. While the first reactions of Fallout show were looking very promising, I have now finished watching it and with all confidence – I am giving you a guarantee that this show is definitely worth our wait.

The gaming series is not only known for it’s storyline and strong bonding of characters, but it is the graphics and equipments which are widely used by our main protagonists throughout their journey and actions. It is always a tough task for the production teams to bring such stuffs into life – but Fallout is dropping those details in a very realistic manner. In fact, not every device was made by CGI, but some of them are indeed developed in real life.

Yes! That’s what is revealed by our Ella Purnell who is portraying Lucy in this series. In an interview with Total Film, Kyle MacLachlan and Ella Purnell are revealing multiple secrets that were taking place behind the scenes and are playing a very vital role in bringing the factor of authenticity and realism during the episodes. Both Ella and Kyle has officially confirmed that the show’s creators has provided them with real Pip-Boys to wear. Yes! THE REAL LIFE PIP-BOYS !! MacLachlan said:

I love working with the little Pip-Boy. Taking that idea, an animated concept, and turning it into a real piece of working equipment, that was really fun. They actually did program some stuff in there that we could play with.

How ‘Pip-Boys’ Helps The Players In Fallout?

Ella Purnell in Fallout TV Show
Ella Purnell as Lucy

Just in case if you are feeling confused about the functionalities and needs of this device then don’t worry. I got you! In Fallout, ‘Pip-Boys’ is a device which is used by the players in order to get the exact locations of the surroundings, coupled up with some other important details. You can also call it as a navigational menu for the player which also help them in a nuclear wasteland by providing some important gadgets as well.

In fact, if you are a player then you can also customize and change your inventory as per your needs – but it is obvious that the real life Pip-Boys can never provide this much amount of qualities right? Still when asked about the question, MacLachlan said, “little location things [and] some other movement. It was all pre-programmed, of course, but you actually had something you could interact with which is not just a blank something that you’re looking at. There was actually activity going on there, which is very helpful as an actor.

‘Mac’ is not the only one who enjoyed this realistic device. It is our Lucy [played by Ella Purnell] who took the benefits of this gadget to the fullest. She mentioned, “Putting on the Vault Suit for the first time, and the Pip-Boy, and walking into the Vault that was built up in real life in this set in New York was insane. The attention to detail was insane.” [Now I also want to experience it. What about you?]

She later added, “It allows you to be better at your job because you’re reacting in real time. You’re able to improvise a little and collaborate with your director because you’re able to say, ‘Well, what if I did this?’ because you’ve got props all around you, every notebook is full.” It is pretty impressive that companies are still relying on hard work and realism rather then converting everything into CGI world. It simply brings the feel of attachment and engagement which directly impact the overall performance of the project.

Well, Fallout is now available to stream on Amazon Prime Video services and I would suggest you to not miss it. These types of projects are very rare, unique and special with full of nostalgic moment. If you are avoiding it by thinking that you knows the original storyline from game already – then sorry mates, you are wrong. Fallout TV Show is not following the step-by-step plot and you can witness a whole new perspective without a second thought.

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