Shogun Episode 6 Preview: “Ladies Of The Willow World!”

Shogun episode 6 will premiere next week, but can we really wait for it? As we are exploring the depths of this limited series, it is getting harder to wait in order to watch it’s future events .

Shogun episode 5 leaves us with tons of unanswered questions. With Mariko and Blackthorne engaging into a much deeper conversation, I am pretty sure that a lot is left to uncover for this duo. Toranaga is indeed the most important character of this show, but we are getting many moments which are enough to shape up this journey in a new perspective.

Set in a world where the future of Japan is at stake, Shogun will showcase the epic story that will decide through faith of Tokyo, and so the Japan. We are moving closer to it’s grand finale with every new week and now is the time to watch it’s sixth installment. So if you are wondering about it them you are at the right place. Here’s everything that you need to know about Shogun episode 6!

What To Expect From Shogun Episode 6?

Shogun episode 5 Mariko and Blackthorne
Mariko & Blackthorne

First and foremost, let’s talk about the possibilities and big events which may land in next episode. So what to expect? Are we going to witness any murder in Shogun Episode 6? What’s next for Blackthorne and Mariko?

The very first thing that I would love to explore is the recovery of Ajiro. After the earthquake, we’ve seen a lot of destruction. It is obvious that a moment of recovery will be shown in Shogun episode 6. The previous episode has delivered us a new side of Ishido. When Toranaga and his men were injured, there was a golden opportunity fir Lord Ishido to take his revenge — however, he leaves him alive.

Shogun episode 6 will definitely take a deeper look of this matter. The rivalry is getting worst with each new drop, so a face off should be just around the corner — Of course, only one will survive.

Episode 5 has also revealed a dark truth behind the unfortunate death of the family of Mariko. Additionally, the bitter conditions of the relationship between Mariko and Buntaro is also presented to the audience. When Buntaro was beating Mariko, Blackthorne comes for the rescue. We later sees how Mariko and Thorne were comforting each other — hinting towards a new bond.

To protect Mariko, Blackthorne has thrashed out Buntaro. I am very sure that this isn’t the last clash between these two that’ll play out over the course of the show. It is possible that Shogun Episode 6 can bring us a face to face battle of this newly found rivalry. Additionally, I am also expecting a new role of our Blackthorne. This guy was asking lord Toranaga to hand him his ship so that he can leave Japan — however, their conversation was interrupted due to an earthquake.

Now we have to see the next move of Blackthorne. Will he stay there to help lord in rebuilding Ajiro, or will he move forward on his journey to go back to his homeland. For me, it seems like Mariko will play a vital role here. Now that Thorne and Mariko can feel a bond between them and also the fact that she js not safe in Buntaro as hands — I know that Blackthorne will decide to stay there.

Either way, Shogun episode 6 will definitely reveal dome big cards and you should expect the unexpected. After all, Japan is fill of surprises right?

When & Where to watch Shogun Episode 6?

Shogun episode 6 release date
Lord Toranaga in Shogun

Now that I’ve revealed a bunch of predictions which, according to me, may land in sixth episode —I know that you are waiting to hear more about it, especially the release schedule. Of course we do have a variety of TV shows to stream this year, so I know it’s hard to remember their important dates. Well, I got you!

Shogun episode 6 will release on March 26, 2024. The show will premiere it’s finale on April 23 which will wrap up the faith of both the Japan and so our beloved characters. When to watch it? Well, the show is following a fixed release schedule which is a good thing. Shogun Episode 6 will premiere on Hulu at 12 a.m. PT, and on FX at 10p.m.

Like always, the episode will drop throughout the globe at this time — irrespective of your country or time zones. So you can simply convert PT as per your own comfort. The other episodes will land as per the following schedule:

  • Episode 6, “Ladies of the Willow World”: Airing on March 26

  • Episode 7, TBA: Airing on April 2

  • Episode 8, TBA: Airing on April 9

  • Episode 9, TBA: Airing on April 16

  • Episode 10, TBA: Airing on April 23

You can stream the previous episodes of Shogun on Hulu or FX. Also stick around the corner with TVPrism as we brings you the best and original content related to everything TV (coupled up with the trending stuffs of your beloved celebrities). Till then — stay safe, peace out!

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