X-Men 97 Episode 7 Sets Up A Very Shocking Villain For The Finale!

Whoa, did X-Men 97 episode 7 just blow your mind? This episode was a rollercoaster of emotions, packed with shocking reveals, intense battles, and cliffhangers that left us desperate for more. One of the biggest portion of this drop was being dedicated to Rogue, who is now flowing in her wave of emotions after the sudden and unfortunate death of our Gambit (and of course, the Magneto!)

While we will be unpacking everything in the season’s finale, I just can’t wait to explore the depths of our team who is looking a bit divided. With Cyclops leading others, it’d be fun to watch the newer phase for our team of mutants. Bet before everything, let’s uncover everything from X-Men episode 7 which is taking us in an epic finale!

The Search For Answers Leads To More Questions In X-Men 97 Episode 7:

Magneto X-Men 97 episode 7
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The X-Men, still reeling from the Genosha tragedy, are on a desperate mission to find the mastermind behind the attack. Their investigation leads them to Bolivar Trask, the infamous creator of the Sentinels – those giant robots programmed to destroy mutants. But here’s the twist: Trask seems genuinely confused and claims Mister Sinister manipulated him. Just when we think we might have a lead, the ground shifts beneath our feet!

Suddenly, a new, even more dangerous villain enters the scene: Bastion. This powerful figure reveals he’s been pulling Sinister’s strings all along, and the Genosha attack was just part of his grander plan. And if that wasn’t enough, Bastion unveils his ultimate weapon: the Prime Sentinels. These monstrous creations are a terrifying fusion of human and machine, designed to be the ultimate mutant-hunting cyborgs.

The X-Men, already emotionally and physically drained, are thrust into a fight for survival against the Prime Sentinels. We see heroes like Rogue, Wolverine, and Jean Grey getting knocked down one by one. The future looks bleak, and the question hangs heavy: will the X-Men be able to overcome this seemingly insurmountable threat?

A Glimmer of Hope (and More Questions) in the Darkness!

Rogue X-Men 97 episode 7
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Just when all hope seems lost, Cable makes a dramatic entrance! This time-traveling mutant warrior clearly recognizes Bastion as a major threat and throws himself into the fight. His arrival injects a much-needed dose of hope, but it also raises a ton of questions. Why is Cable here? What does he know about Bastion? And how will his time-traveling abilities factor into the final battle?

As if things weren’t complicated enough, Bastion throws another curveball. He reveals he’s aware of Professor X’s survival! This news could be a game-changer. Professor X’s return could be a beacon of hope for the X-Men, but there’s also a chance Bastion could use this information to manipulate the situation. Will Professor X be an ally, or will he become another pawn in this twisted game?

With the X-Men weakened, a powerful new villain revealed, and the fate of mutants hanging in the balance, the season 1 finale promises to be an explosive showdown. Will the X-Men unite and overcome these challenges? What role will Cable play? And how will Professor X’s return impact the fight? We can’t wait to find out! So, grab your popcorn, true believers, because the next episode is sure to be a wild ride!

X-Men 97 Episode 7: My Honest Reaction!

X-Men 97 episode 7 review
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Now that I’ve explained the whole X-Men 97 episode 7 in a very quick manner – can we talk about my review? I mean, I too am a die hard fan of this saga and with a show which is delivering us so many twisted moments – it gets harder and harder to hold back right?

Well, X-Men 97 episode 7 was a mind-blowing ride! We started with a glimmer of hope finding Trask, then got sucker-punched by a whole new villain – Bastion! This guy is creepy and powerful, and his Prime Sentinel robots are seriously terrifying. The X-Men barely stood a chance, and seeing them get knocked down one by one was rough. But then Cable showed up like a total badass, giving us a much-needed spark of hope! And the Professor X reveal? Talk about a cliffhanger!

This episode had so many twists and turns, I can’t wait to see how it all plays out in the finale. Get ready for an epic mutant maelstrom, true believers! You can stream X-Men 97 Episode 7 on Disney+, and make sure to stick around the corner with TVPrism as we brings you some of the most engaging, in-depth analysis, updates, explanations and everything related to your favorite TV shows and celebrities. Till then – stay safe, peace out!

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