Invincible Season 2 Episode 8 Preview: ‘The Final Call!’

After so many ups and downs, we are now too close to Invincible season 2 episode 8 aka ‘The Finale’ that it’s just getting a bit too hard to hold our emotions. With the faith of Mark and gang on flame, Invincible season 2 was a perfect drop to pick up the comic book theme.

With so many cliffhangers and back to back twists, this show has garnered a lot of fame worldwide. Now if you’ve not watched it’s latest episode then I would suggest you to just skip this article as I am going to mention some of the biggest spoilers. So yeah – SPOILERS WARNING AHEAD!!

With that said, buckle up and let’s take a deep dive into everything which may happen in Invincible season 2 episode 8 – ‘The Finale!’

What Will Happen In Invincible Season 2 Episode 8?

Invincible season 2 episode 8
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The brutal cliffhanger of episode 7 leaves Mark Grayson, aka Invincible, in a desperate situation. We’ve seen so many surprises that it’s pretty hard to deal with everything – still I will be touching the tip of every single glacier:

Mark’s Emotional Turmoil:

  • Devastating Breakup: Mark’s tearful goodbye with Amber highlights the immense cost of his heroism. He can’t maintain a normal life, leading to a painful sacrifice.

  • Fear and Responsibility: Mark’s confession about fearing to lose loved ones due to his powers underscores his emotional burden. He’s constantly walking a tightrope between protecting Earth and his personal life.

  • Anguish and Rage: The abduction of Debbie and Oliver by Angstrom Levy throws a wrench into everything. Mark is now facing a personal threat alongside the larger Viltrumite menace. This will likely fuel his determination but also cloud his judgment with rage and worry.

Two Fronts, One Hero:

Invincible season 2 episode 8
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  • Prioritization Dilemma: Mark has to decide how to handle these simultaneous threats. Can he rescue his family and still confront Anissa and the Viltrumites?

  • Desperate Measures: Mark might be forced to consider risky options. Will he seek Cecil’s help? Can he negotiate with Anissa for a temporary truce? Desperate times might call for desperate measures.

  • Unexpected Power Boost: Allen’s surprise appearance and his newfound ability to withstand even Anissa’s power throws a curveball. He could be a valuable ally in the fight against the Viltrumites.

  • Potential Alliance: Mark might be able to strike a deal with Allen. A common enemy, the Viltrum Empire, could bridge the gap between them. However, trusting an unpredictable alien carries its own risks.

Anissa’s Motivations & Uncertain Future in Invincible Season 2 episode 8:

Anissa in Invincible season 2
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  • Beyond Conquest? Anissa’s report back to General Kregg suggests her primary mission is to convince Mark to join the Viltrumites. However, is that her only goal?

  • A Moral Gray Area? There might be more to Anissa than meets the eye. Her willingness to fight the Kaiju and her reaction to Mark’s refusal hint at a potential complexity in her character. Can Mark appeal to her sense of justice (if she has any) to fight against the Viltrum Empire’s brutal tactics?

  • Tough Choices: Yes, our protagonists have to go with some hard choices in Invincible Season 2 episode 8. Mark faces a series of difficult decisions. Can he trust Anissa? Can he pull off a rescue mission without getting overpowered again? His choices will have significant consequences for himself, his family, and the fate of Earth.

Possible Outcomes in Invincible Season 2 episode 8:

  • A Frantic Rescue Mission: Mark might prioritize saving his family, leading to a desperate fight against Angstrom Levy. This could leave Earth vulnerable to the Viltrumites.

  • A Risky Alliance: Mark could strike a deal with Allen the Alien, combining their strengths to take on both threats. However, trusting an untrustworthy character could backfire spectacularly.

  • An Appeal to Reason: Mark might try to reason with Anissa, appealing to her sense of right and wrong to turn against the Viltrum Empire. This is a long shot, but desperation might lead him to try anything.

Overall, I am pretty sure that the season finale promises to be an action-packed and emotionally charged conclusion. The weight of his choices and the potential consequences for his loved ones will push Mark to his limits. Will he rise to the challenge and save the day, or will the combined threats of Angstrom Levy and the Viltrum Empire prove too much for him? We’ll have to wait and see how Mark navigates this brutal new reality.

You can stream Invincible season 2 exclusively on Amazon Prime Video services and stick around the corner with TVPrism which is made exclusively for TV addicts and for those who wants to catch up their favorite celebrities and trends. Till then – stay safe, peace out!

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