The Regime Episode 4 Preview: ‘Herbert’s Dark Arc!’

The Regime episode 4 is going to be the biggest event of this classic saga. Set in a world where Kate Winslet (Elena), a Chancellor of an unnamed nation, believes on her decisions, this journey is getting very intense with every new drop.

While we do knows that the faith of Herbert is not in some big trouble, I am pretty excited to explore his inner-self and decisions in the future episodes. The Regime is indeed one of those shows which gets ‘shadow-banned‘ easily, but believe me – this saga has a lot of hidden potential.

Now that we’ve covered three installments, it’s the time to talk about more. What may happen in it’s upcoming parts? When and where could we watch it? What is the title? Well, I will be covering everything for you so grab some popcorns and let’s know everything about The Regime Episode 4!

What Will Happen in The Regime Episode 4

The Regime episode 3 Elena
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Before talking about anything else, I think we should take a look at all those possible plotlines and events that may occur in The Regime Episode 4. Afterall we all want to prepare ourselves for the upcoming chaos right?

First and foremost, I am very sure that Herbert is going to be our next “dark” guy in the ongoing saga. We’ve learnt in episode 3 that how his anger issues takes control over him which results in a lot of mess during an event. I won’t go in depth because here we are taking a look at the “possibilities” for future drops so I am assuming that you’ve already watched it’s previous installments.

Anyways, we now knows that Elena (Kate Winslet) has changed the position of Herbert, knowing that the anger issues of this soldier are quiet serious. He even beats up the nation’s top businessman Bartos (played by Stanley Townsend) in front of our horrified guests. Episode 3 ends on a note where Herbert can be seen in a lot of blood, being arrested and escorted out of the palace.

This is of course not the end of his story or I would say that it is a beginning of a whole new story arc in this saga. Herbert is a type of person who can cross any limit to get what he wants and now that Elena has arrested him, it will eventually led him to the path of chaos and rivalry which may later bring some extra trouble (or I would say Danger) for our Elena and her nation.

The Regime episode 4 can also deal with the plot of Oskar and Agnes. The first two episodes were enough to speak a lot about the present health conditions of this kid. Both Agnes and Elena treats him with a lot of care however, it was our Chancellor who wants to establish her own control over this kid.

The Regime episode 4 preview
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The third episode has revealed how Elena asks Agnes to leave Oskar, all because she thinks that Agnes can no longer be trusted. If you’ve not watched the third drop then you may get confused but let me tell you that in this episode, Agnes runs out of the pills that she was secretly feeding to Oskar which takes her to Elena. She reveals everything to our Chancellor and requests for more pills knowing which Elena believes that Agnes can no longer be trusted and should stay away from Oskar.

Now I would say that The Regime episode 4 can show Agnes who might make a new plan or something in order to stay near Oskar after all we do knows that how much she cares about this kid right? If it happens then a new problem can arise inside the palace, especially for Elena. She may try to keep Agnes aside but these attempts will definitely bring a “sour” taste of relationship between our two female led of The Regime.

Furthermore, Elena’s new political move about the Faban invasion has generated a whole new direction for both the nation and the faith of our characters. I would say that this decision is definitely not going to bring any “bed of flowers” for her but can led her to take some of the major decisions of history.

Our Chancellor may implement more sanctions and new policies for her people, but will Herbert and the rest of her ministry follow her? It is a big question which should get a solid answer in The Regime episode 4!

The Regime Episode 4: Full Release Schedule!

The Regime episode 4 release date
Kate Winslet as Elena

Now that we’ve learnt about my predictions and possibilities, isn’t it important to know about the release schedule? When could we watch the next episode? What are the timings? Do I know anything about the title? Don’t worry, I got you!

The Regime episode 4 will release on Sunday, March 24. No big changes are taking place when we talks about the timings, so you can expect it to air around 9.p.m. E.T. Talking about the title then The Regime episode 4 is titled as ‘Midnight Feast, and is written by Seth Reiss. The rest of the episodes will be following the same schedule, i.e:

  • Episode 4: Sunday, March 24

  • Episode 5: Sunday, March 31

  • Episode 6 (finale): Sunday, April 7

Well, I would love to rate the previous episode a solid 7/10. Of course I will cut some numbers because of their excess of drama which was not really a need. However, the sequences of Herbert where he was beating up others and the one when he grabs the neck of our Chancellor earns this episode a decent rating. What about you?

You can stream The Regime season 1 on HBO Max, and make sure to stick around the corner with TVPrism as we brings you some of the most authentic and original content related to everything TV. Till then – stay safe, peace out!

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