The Last Of Us Season 2 Casts Four New Members In Surprising Roles!

Oh my goodness! So many updates and so many shows- this time, it’s The Last of Us season 2. The first show was delivering us many memorable moments which are going to be remembered for many years. It was the performance of Pedro Pascal that was garnering a handsome amount of attention throughout the globe.

Whenever we talks about any adaptation, one thing which which plays a vital role is the casting. I mean, nobody will watch someone who is not fitting in the shoe of his/her respective character right? Well, we are lucky because many perfect faces are reprising their role in this saga and now- it’s time for our Nora!

Tati Gabrielle Joins The Last of Us Season 2 With Three Others!

Tati Gabrielle casts in The Last of Us season 2
Tati Gabrielle

One thing which I likes about this particular show is it’s casting. Pedro Pascal as Joel and Bella Ramsey as Ellie are just too good to be true. One big question that we had in mind regarding The Last of Us season 2 was the face of characters like Abby and others. It was early 2024 when a news landed, confirming tha casting of Kaitlyn Dever as Abby.

Now is the time for Nora and the actress behind this character is none other then our Tati Gabrielle. Other then her, Danny Ramirez, Ariela Barer and Spencer Lord are also joining the series as Manny, Mel and Owen respectively.

If you don’t know then let me tackle with their characters in a sequential manner. Starting with Manny then he is one of the new faces players meet in The Last of Us Part II. He will appear in the series as “a loyal soldier whose sunny outlook belies the pain of old wounds and a fear that he will fail his friends when they need him most.

Nora on the other hand is a character who also works in medical field. This character faces many challenges in overcoming from her past sins. I don’t know what and how this character is going to fit herself in The Last of Us season 2, but something is definitely cooking at HBO Max with these characters.

Talking about Owen then he is “condemned to fight an enemy he refuses to hate” in the post-apocalyptic world. To be honest, I personally feels like this character may get shadow-banned (I hope not), but maybe it’s the faith of Owen.

Apart from these three newly joined member, The Last of Us Season 2 cast has also added Young Mazino, and Isabella Merced. Their characters are still under wraps but I am pretty sure about Mazino (if you knows what I means!). Joining these two is Catherine O’Hara whose role is again under wraps. It is these secrets which are building hype among us.

While the show has officially entered into it’s production, Pedro Pascal has already hinted at the theme of this show. As per his latest comment on the status, the actor said that The Last of Us season 2 is going to deliver us many memorable and emotional moments. We also knows that Joel is going to die, but if Pedro is using the word ‘many’, then it simply means that a lot more is going to happen.

Well, you can expect it to premiere sometimes in 2025 and I just can’t wait to stream it from the ease of my home. This saga has a lot to deliver, and castings like these are enough to mark their guarantee of success. Make sure to stick around the corner with TV Prism as we covers everything related to your favorite TV shows and celebrities. Till then- stay safe, peace out!

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