Fallout TV Series : Exclusive New Look At ‘The Brotherhood of Steel’ Revealed!

We are living in a time where gaming based adaptations are in demand. Shows like Fallout TV Series, The Last Of Us & Sonic Prime are always trending on internet- no matter what other projects are landing on big screens. Well, it is the beauty and trust of audience on these IP’s which ensures this much amount of popularity for these unique shows.

Fallout is going to be a direct adaptation from it’s original gaming saga and no wonder why each of us are waiting for it so badly. The show has recently received tons of new updates and just like any other person- I’ve spent a good amount of time while collecting everything.

In fact, you’ve found this article at perfect time because I’ve got a new look (image above) at one of the most important characters from this saga. Yes I am talking about The Brotherhood, who will be playing a key role during the incidents of this whole series. In the image, we can spot him standing still in an unknown place, however- it is also possible that he is still under development at this moment.

Many previous reports have revealed that Brotherhood is going to bring in a twist that nobody is expecting. I am not going to confirm these reports but something is definitely cooking with this character. Hang on! I have more to tell you- so pack your weapons and put on your armors- here’s everything that you need to know about Fallout TV Series!

“Fallout TV Series Is NOT A Direct Adaptation!”

Fallout TV Series updates
image via Amazon Prime studios

I don’t want to talk about any random stuffs, so just land straight on point. What has been revealed recently? Well, the Fallout TV Series is not going to be a direct adaptation from it’s gaming franchise. Executive producer Jonathan Nolan has recently revealed to ‘Total Film‘ that the show will bring it’s own canonical space in the nuclear wasteland.

The producer has also praised his team by saying, “I feels like we are already in Fallout 5!“. He has also revealed that his team was originally going to develop an origin story- but the plans got shifted as they moved forward with their scripting and stuffs.

Nolan continues, “Each of the [Fallout] games is a discrete story – different city, distinct protagonist – within the same mythology. Our series sits in relation to the games as the games sit in relation to each other. It’s almost like we’re Fallout 5. I don’t want to sound presumptuous, but it’s just a non-interactive version of it, right?

This is not the first time when any project which is based on any of the previous well-established IP’s is receiving a different treatment. The Last of Us has also delivered us many gaming-accurate moments but the show itself was not a direct adaptation of the original game. It was this reason why Pedro Pascal lead saga has garnered a lot of praise worldwide.

Fallout TV Series Release Date: When Is The Show Landing?

Fallout TV Series release date
image via Amazon Prime studios

The show was first announced couple of years ago and it was early 2023 when it finally went into production. Fallout TV Series has received many upgrades over time but now everything is fine. In fact, let me tell you that a new official short promo is also down the line.

Talking about it’s release date then you don’t have to wait any longer as Fallout TV Series will release on April 12, 2024. You can also check out it’s official official trailer on YouTube or any of their official social media handle. The platform is going to be Amazon Prime so you have to renew your subscription. In fact, I have another huge update to share with you and it is regarding the total number of episodes.

Originally, the show was set to land with 3 episodes which later got scrapped by the company. Show runners later confirmed that it will land with six episodes but again- “IT GOT SCRAPPED!

It was that moment when I was worried about the status of this TV Show. I mean, how can a company scrap something this important again and again? Thanks to Amazon Prime that Fallout TV Series is now landing with 8 episodes. Now let me assure you that nothing is going to scrap again as the company has wrapped everything. I will keep this section updated as soon as I gets any new update.

You can also stick around the corner with TV Prism as we covers some of the most authentic, original and trending content related to your favorite TV Shows and celebrities. Till then- stay safe, peace out!

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