Millie Bobby Brown Finally Responded To Her Haters on her ‘American Accent!’

Damsel is out on Netflix and so it’s reviews. While Millie Bobby Brown is very well known for her role as Eleven in our beloved Stranger Things saga, the 20 years old actress is now trending on all over the internet for not only due her outstanding performance, but for her accent as well.

I’ve seen a pattern, especially in USA. If you are someone who does not really belongs to America then it’s obvious that your accent is most probably going to be a little bit different. That’s where the problem starts. In America, you have to sound like their natives or else people will find it hard to understand you properly- but, but, but! If you’ll try to sound like them, then they will ask you to be normal and not fake your accent. I mean, duhhh!!

Millie Bobby Brown is our next person who is getting in trouble (for no reasons ofcourse) not because of her shows or movies, but because of her accent. In fact, now that she sounds like a native American, people on all over the internet are trolling this talented artist/actor.

Just in case if you don’t know then Millie originally belongs to Britain (Yes! She is a British actress). It is this fact which makes her accent sounds like any other English person. Now that our Stranger Things girl is heavily involved in Hollywood movies (especially in USA), she has adopted the western accent in order to sound more like them.

Millie Bobby Brown with Jimmy Fallon
image via SNL

While it do takes a lot of practice and time, Millie says that she is adopting this type of change for the sake of her audience, demand and more importantly- her fiance. The Damsel princess is facing a lot of trolling online due to her latest interview with Jimmy Fallon. If you’ll take a look on one of their latest episodes then you’ll find her speaking solely in American accent (and she indeed sounds like a perfect western girl).

As soon as her episode aired on our televisions, fans rushed on other social media platforms (especially X/Twitter) to criticize this charming girl. One user with the Twitter handle of @manthonystein wrote, “Millie Bobby Brown’s accent is 95% American 5% English atp Lmao“. Well, can somebody tell him/her that she is doing it for them?

Another user on X even questioned about her accent change in a very sarcastic manner. Take a look from below:

Twitter: @lwtprettygrls

Things are already getting crazy right? But believe me, this is just a beginning. The real trolling starts when a user with the handle of @boogerlui takes one step forward and starts accusing Millie Bobby Brown for ‘impersonating’ the Americans. The tweet says, “It almost sounds like she’s doing an impersonation of an American accent throughout this interview.” The other replied, “Her British accent is barely there anymore.”

As the things were going out of hands, Millie finally decides to face it off by herself and that’s where her honest and perfect replies lands in the public domain. In her latest interview with podcaster Max Balegde, the ‘Eleven’ actress mentioned her circumstances where she has spent her childhood. Millie also said that it is her part of work and the fact that she do enjoys a lot to mimic such things in order to entertain her audience.

She has clearly mentioned that she is free and she is independent to do anything she want. Her full quote says:

“So I’m an actor, I grew up in the public eye. I grew up in America. I come to set and I’m an actor and I adapt. And so I want to mimic people. I can’t help that when I’m around my fiancé, or I’m around people like Jimmy Fallon, who have very American accents, I wanna replicate it! I don’t do it intentional[ly], and I’m sorry if it offends you. But listen, I’m trying my best.”

It is not the first time when someone is facing such type of trolling, especially in America. I do feels like people should try to understand. Not everyone is same and not everyone is different at the same time. It is our point of view and the way how we looks at others. Accents do matters, but not in the field of entertainment and professional lives.

Sometimes I feels very sad for those who faces such challenges- but hey! Remember one thing: “Your accent is what makes you unique!” If you feels like a need of changing it, then just do it. Don’t think about others, people will always criticize you no matter how hard you tries. Well, Millie Bobby Brown is now busy in her Hollywood stuffs and I am going to watch her latest installment [Damsel]. What about you?

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