Lala Kent Prioritizes Pregnancy Amidst “Vanderpump Rules” Backlash

Reality TV star Lala Kent is navigating the emotional rollercoaster of fame and motherhood. Kent, a cast member on Bravo’s popular series “Vanderpump Rules,” recently opened up about experiencing fan backlash over her behavior on the show’s current season.

While Kent refrained from discussing specifics of the criticism, she did acknowledge the negativity’s impact on her well-being. “I was kind of getting into a darker place this season,” Kent shared during an Amazon Live stream, adding she’s chosen to avoid watching the show to prioritize her mental health.

Lala Kent, who is expecting her second child, emphasized the importance of focusing on her growing family. “This is my real life and I know the show is too, but I just want to stay in my real life of creating my family,” Kent said through tears.

 Lala Kent and Randall Emmett
Lala Kent and Randall Emmett

The star seems determined to shield her pregnancy experience from negativity. She reportedly requested her team to “avoid anything to do with Bravo or this season.”

Despite the challenges, Kent maintains a sense of accomplishment. “I feel really happy about all of the changes that I’ve made in my world to get to where I am,” she stated, highlighting her personal growth and professional success.

Kent expressed gratitude for the network and fans but remains firm in setting boundaries. “I love Bravo and I love… Vanderpump Rules and I love all of you guys,” she said. “But this is a really important time in my life, and I will be damned if anybody tarnishes or gives me memories of it not being a beautiful time in my life.”

While emotional, Lala Kent revealed she’s “made peace” with the drama that unfolded during the season 11 reunion, hinting at potential unresolved issues but a newfound acceptance.

Lala Kent’s story highlights the complexities of navigating fame and personal life, particularly during significant milestones like pregnancy. It remains to be seen how the “Vanderpump Rules” drama unfolds, but one thing is clear: Kent is prioritizing her happiness and family above all else. Check out everything from below:

Well, for more reference – let me tell you that Lala Kent is a reality TV star who rose to fame on Bravo’s “Vanderpump Rules.” She has also pursued acting and launched her own beauty line. Currently pregnant with her second child, Kent is prioritizing her family life and taking a break from the negativity surrounding the show’s current season. You can also check out her Instagram handle for more details.

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