House of the Dragon Season 2 Preview, Release Date & Exciting Plot

House of the Dragon Season 2 will mark the excellence of Game of Thrones saga once again. With characters like Princess Rhaenyra, Queen Alicent and others- this show is known for it’s twisted storylines, intense actions and rounded chemistries and relationships. No wonder why it secures a huge amount of popularity across the globe.

Season 1 was dealing with a perfect theme where we saw many ups and down. Despite watching some of the most unexpected deaths and betrayals, it manages to leave a huge cliffhanger for it’s future seasons and House of the Dragons season 2 will be picking up that cliffhanger without a doubt.

We’ve already watched the first official teaser trailer and it looks pretty fantastic. I would say that House of the Dragons season 2 is already promising us a theme of ‘Dragon vs. Dragon‘. We also knows that second season is going to deal with the storyline of ‘Fire & Blood‘ and it also marks the confirmation of plenty of brutal actions and romance at the same time.

Well, I knows that I am not the only one who is eagerly waiting to watch it. This show has established itself in our hearts and now that we are moving forward to witness another awesome drop of this saga- it’s just too hard to control our emotions right? So if you are really waiting that hard for this journey then you are at the right place. Here’s everything that you need to know about House of the Dragon season 2!

House of the Dragon Season 2 Release Date & Schedule!

House of the Dragon season 2 Release Date
image via HBO Max

Very first thing that I want to share with you is the release schedule. I mean, it’s the most important part of any article which is related to any of the upcoming shows right? So when could we expect House of the Dragons season 2? More importantly, at what time and on which platform is it going to land this time?

Season 1 was released last year and the show was following a classic pattern of releasing one episode per week- hence, building a good amount of hype among the audience for it’s future episodes. House of the Dagon season 2 is also expected to follow the same pattern which sound even more logical when we takes a look at the success of the first season. The streaming numbers were at peak right?

If you don’t know then let me tell you that House of the Dragon season 2 went into production in 2023, however, got postponed due to the historical SAG AFTRA strike that took place between June 2023 to October 2023. It has made a huge impact on every project of Hollywood and House of the Dragon season 2 is not untouched.

It was this reason due to which we didn’t got the second season yet- but now the dates are coming closer. Yes I am not even joking because the company has officially confirmed that House of the Dragon season 2 will release in ‘early summers of 2024’. The exact dates are still unknown but early summers can simply means that we should expect second season to land somewhere around May or June of this year.

These updates are pretty solid and official because the company has already wrapped filming and the first teaser has been released online. Talking about the streaming schedule then House of the Dragon season 2 will land straight on HBO Max– hence, marking the continuation of the partnership with HBO. Despite this confirmation, let me tell you that it’s exact release timings are still under wraps- but I will keep this section updated as soon as I hears anything officially.

House of the Dragon Season 2 Plot Predictions!

Olivia Cooke in House of the Dragon season 2
Olivia Cooke in HOTD 2

Now that you knows everything about it’s release schedule and timings, you may ask about it’s plot details. What exactly may happen in House of the Dragon season 2? Are we going to witness some brutal actions? Who will die? How many bonds are going to break? Well, I have some pretty big predictions which are cooking in my mind for a while- and I just can’t wait to share them with you.

The first season was dealing with some sort of origin plotline (not completely, but to some extent). Season 2 is going to bring in some of the craziest twists and cliffhanger which will lead us in the future of this saga. Reportedly, this show has been renewed for a third season and many giants moments from second season has been shifted in the third one.

House of the Dragon” writer Sara Hess told The Hollywood Reporter that Rhaenyra and Daemon’s bond will be further explored in season 2. Her full comment reads, “Right now, we’re writing season two and figuring out, what is the nature of his relationship with Rhaenyra? There are many interpretations [in George R.R. Martin’s book ‘Fire & Blood’] to that.” 

I also feels like the second season may introduce families like the Starks, Tullys, Greyjoys, Tyrells, Blackwoods, Tarlys and others and the reason is pretty simple- The death of Luke! In season 1, we saw the brutal death of Luke and as per my knowledge, it will only promote Rhaenyra for taking revenge and that’s where this character will be needing some external support.

What Does Martin’s Book Reveals About Season 2?

House of the Dragon season 2 poster
image via HBO Max

One big factor which is definitely going to impact the plots of second season is Martin’s book- which is pretty obvious as well. I would suggest you to leave this article if you want to avoid spoilers because this section contains many, so SPOILERS WARNING !!

So in this book, Daemon promises Rhaenyra that he will help her in taking the revenge. Together they contacts two catchers (Blood & Cheese) who holds Alicent, Helaena and the latter’s three young children. They later forces Helaena to choose which of her sons will die. She reluctantly chooses Maelor, but they kill the elder Jaehaerys (Aegon’s heir) instead. It was this moment which changes multiple upcoming sequences of this whole saga and I can bet that they will be showing it in House of the Dragon season 2 for sure.

It was later revealed to Halaena that Daemon is behind all these brutal actions, which leads her to declares a war. The first major battle takes places in the Riverlands between House Blackwood (for Rhaenyra) and House Bracken (for Aegon). The Brackens lose, leaving Aegon with no supporters in the Riverlands.

House of the Dragon season 2 may show us this major battle and can leave us on a cliffhanger of another battle of the dragons. It is also possible that they can come up with something more exciting, but some of these events will still happen. The show is just around the corner and things will get clear very soon. You can stream House of the Dragons season 1 on HBO Max for a quick recap.

Make sure to stick around the corner with TV Prism for future updates, theories, exclusive reviews and analysis. Till then- stay safe, peace out!

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