When BLACKPINK’s Lisa Dethroned This Taylor Swift Record

So I was reading about the facts of Taylor Swift last night, and suddenly my eyes caught something that I am pretty sure is not known by millions of fans worldwide. What’s more interesting is the name of person who broke that record, our beloved Lisa from BLACKPINK.

While both BLACKPINK and Taylor Swift have made a deep impact on the music industry, it is their talent that keeps earning them new and unique records almost every single day. One such record was established by Taylor on YouTube, the platform billions of people use every second.

Lisa: The Queen Who Eliminated Out Taylor Swift!

Lisa surpassed Taylor Swift
Lisa surpassed Taylor Swift

Records are nothing but just a game of numbers, but sometimes these games of numbers becomes more important like a milestone when no other can surpass it (or should I say touch it.)

One such record was reserved by our Taylor for two years on YouTube. It was the record for ‘Most Music Video Views In 24 Hours On YouTube,’ that was held by our Swift for her 2019 release “ME!”

It grossed over 65,000,000 views in it’s first 24 hours which was a huge milestone for any artist from all across the globe. The toughness? Well, it remained in the pockets of Taylor for 2 years, until the queen LaLisa arrived.

On September 13, 2021, YouTube officially announced that Lisa’s solo single “LALISA” MV has reached over 73,600,000 views in it’s first 24 hours, hence – breaking the record of Taylor Swift.

While it is like a peanut for such a huge personalities like Taylor and LaLisa, but it also shows that talent can indeed make impossible things look possible.

We can’t deny the dominance and popularity of Swift on the music industry. She has recently made another record in holding the biggest concert for three-consecutive days in Australia during her Eras Tour 2024.

Talking about Lisa then our latest single ‘ROCKSTAR’ is finally out worldwide, and it is garnering a massive response from fans like you and I once again. Though the speed is a bit slower then that of ‘LALISA,’ but it is dropping a bold look of our cute and talented K-Pop idol.

‘ROCKSTAR’ can be views on YouTube, so make sure to check it out. Also stick around the corner with TVPrism where we brings you some of the most exclusive, engaging, highly detailed and original content related to everything TV and of course your favorite idols.

Till then – stay safe, peace out!

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