“X-Men 97 Season 2 Has Officially Begun The Voice Work,” Confirms Rogue’s Actress

X-Men 97 season 2 is now trending everywhere. The first season has officially concluded it’s epic storyline with a huge cliffhanger where our mutants have been divided by the time-paradoxes aka teleportation. While the finale was dealing with some of the most brutal and ‘hard-to-believe‘ type of sequences, we knows that it was just a tip of an iceberg which is hiding a whole different universe in itself.

Marvel and Disney+ has already renewed “X-Men ’97” for two more seasons and while the faces behind the production and other team members are still under wraps, one of their cast members has officially revealed a huge update on future season and it’s current status. If you are someone who is lurking around to learn more about our mutants and their future, then you are at the right place. Here’s a quick and exclusive update revealed by a cast member for ‘X-Men 97 season 2!’

“X-Men 97 Season 2 Is Already Under Production”

X-Men 97 season 2
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Yes, I am not even joking. These exclusive updates have been shared by none other then Lenore Zann (voice actor of Rogue) herself. In an interview with ‘NexusPointNews,’ Zann has confirmed that the show is already under very active state of production and not only this – but she is working on her part too.

When asked about the present status of voice acting work in ‘X-Men 97 season 2,’ she mentioned, “I have yes! I’ve done them yes. Of course, we keep being drawn back to do like ADR and make little changes here and there, but yes, I’ve done my lines and I love it. It’s an incredible script, see, you’re gonna love it, the same as this one, it’s just fantastic.” 

It is a huge update since we can now sit back and relax without worrying about any sort of delays and uncertainties. Animation takes time but if the voice work is under way then it simply means that both Marvel and Disney are already escalating the process. Before this interview, some other reports and industry level insiders such as ‘Daniel RPK‘ were also hinting that ‘X-Men 97 season 2′ might land on our small screens by mid or late 2025 itself.

Now that the voice work is officially happening, it’d be no wonder if Marvel or Disney reveals their plans in their upcoming event of D23 Expo 2024, where the company usually showcases it’s panels of upcoming projects (including both full-length movies and TV shows). So things are going to get crazy in next couple of months without a doubt, and we may get a chance to hear about new castings, production team and more.

The first season is now available to stream on Disney+ and you should watch it as soon as possible – because that’s what the masterpieces are meant for right? I will be updating this article on regular basis with tons of new developments and updates, so keep and eye on us. Also stick around the corner with TVPrism where we brings you everything TV right at your fingertips. Till then – stay safe, peace out!

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