‘Totally Spies’ Live-Action TV Series: Everything You Need To Know

Are you a fan of “Totally Spies?” If your answer is yes then jump in joy because our girls are now officially getting a live-action treatment. The show is now confirmed by Amazon Prime studios and is currently under very active state of development.

Will Ferrell is set to executively produce it in collaboration with other trusted and well-authentic individuals such as Jessica Elbaum and Alix Taylor. Here’s everything that you need to know about it!

What To Expect From ‘Totally Spies’ Live-Action Series?

Totally Spies live-action TV series at works
Totally Spies

This is not a new concept to the audience. In fact, I’d say that we all have seen it’s episodes during childhood. Described as Banijay Kids animates show with the same name, “Totally Spies” live-action will follow our iconic trio of Clover, Alex and Sam as they travels around to save the world (Just add them in MCU already lol!)

Together, they will face up many challenges of life that brings more fun when ups and downs of first year of college starts bringing more chaos. As of now, no writer or actor is currently announced to this series, but things will get clear in upcoming days for sure.

Originally, “Totally Spies” was created by the duo of Vincent Chalvon-Demersay and David Michel. It has aired around 200 episodes since it’s debut in 2001 (Even I landed on Earth in 2004).

It has not only delivered us the episodes, but a prequel film with the title “Totally Spies: The Movie” and a spinoff series “The Amazing Spiez” was also released world wide. It has recently premiered it’s seventh season in France and is all set to land in US by later this year.

In a exclusive interview, Di Sabatino said, “With a social media base of 3 million, the series continues to thrive in its animation form with the recently launched 7th season. Rola Bauer approached me for a live-action adaptation, and we were thrilled to partner with Amazon MGM Studios. With her, Ludovic Attal, and Punit Matoo’s support, we are honoured to join such a stronghold of female-focused producers in Gloria Sanchez Productions to produce for Prime Video.

Gloria Sanchez, president of Elbaum, also expresses the joy and feeling of uniting with Will and Alix to join Amazon Prime for this unique and special project. “Will, Alix and I are thrilled to be joining our partners at Amazon and Banijay to bring ‘Totally Spies!’ to life as a live-action show,” Gloria added.

The crew also hinted that the live-action series will entirely focus on women empowerment where the main focus point is going to be a never sacrificing friendship, fun, true self and success. The comment reads as, “The themes of girl-power, never sacrificing friendship, fun, or your true self to be successful resonated with us then, and feel ripe to revisit now.

The show is now under development at Amazon Prime studios and I will be updating this article as soon as I gets more drops. So stick around the corner with TVPrism where we brings you everything TV. Till then – stay safe, peace out!

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