The Bad Batch Season 3 Episode 9 Preview: “The Harbinger”!

The Bad Batch season 3 episode 9 is going to be a very moving episode. Set to conclude the three-seasons long saga, The Bad Batch season 3 is getting more and more exciting with every new drop. I was calling episode 6 and 7 as the best one so far but hey! After watching episode 8, I want to make some adjustments in those claims (Yeah, I am just defending myself).

The eighth episode starts with a very catchy-type of plotline but it was never wasting our time. While we do knows that Hunter was very desperate to reveal the real reason behind a very solid question: “Why the Empire wants Omega?“, episode 8 quickly tackles up with him. The whole installment was dealing with a very engaging theme where you may get lost as well.

Now that we’ve watched another awesome episode from the Star-Wars universe, why not talk about the future? When will the The Bad Batch season 3 episode 9 air? What is in the faith of our Bad Batch? Well, here’s everything that I knows about The Bad Batch season 3 episode 9, coupled up with my very own predictions for future episodes!

What To Expect From The Bad Batch Season 3 Episode 9?

The Bad Batch season 3 episode 9 plot
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Before moving forward, I just want to give a sort of disclaimer to my dear readers. If you’ve already watched the previous drop then just grab some popcorns and enjoy this article – however, if you’ve not watched the previous episode and has landed here then you may get many huge spoilers. So hey! SPOILERS WARNING AHEAD!!

The Bad Batch season 3 episode 9 can deal more with our Fennec. By the end of previous episode, she takes Wrecker and Hunter back to the Marauder, ensuring that she will get them their information after delivering Sylar to her client. Now that we are slowly moving towards our finale, I am pretty sure that characters like Fennec will be playing a much greater role.

The plot can also revolve around our Crosshair. Back on Pabu, AZ tells Crosshair his hand may never heal 100%, indicating towards a very unfortunate faith of our beloved character. Despite this, AZ also believes that some of his issues could be from a mental block due to the abuse he suffered.

Now I don’t know if it’s true but if that’s the case then The Bad Batch season 3 episode 9 can deliver us a twisted story of Crosshair. When asked about all those traumas and experiments, Crosshair refuses to tell a single thing. So we may get a chance to explore a new side plot which can reveal the cruel realities and torcher which has been faced by him.

On the other hand, Omega and gang is busy in achieving their goal — but the show is bringing a variety of challenges for them. The fourth episode is also expected to bring new hurdles while including some pretty big revelations for our Omega.

When & Where To Watch The Bad Batch Season 3 Episode 9?

The Bad Batch Season 3 episode 9 release date
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Now that I’ve shared my predictions for the future episode, I think it’s the perfect time to talk about the release schedule. So what’s the big deal?

To no one’s surprise, you can stream this show on Disney+ streaming services. Of course you have to buy one of their subscription but I think their prices are quiet friendly. Talking about the dates then titled as “The Harbinger“, The Bad Batch Season 3 Episode 9 will release on March 27 at 12:01 P.T. For those wondering about their own time-zones, take a look below:

  • 2:01 A.M. Pacific Standard Time (PST)

  • 3:01 P.M. Eastern Standard Time (EST)

  • 9:01 P.M. British Summer Time (BST)

  • 10:01 P.M. Central European Summer Time (CEST)

Well, the first 8 episodes are now streaming on Disney+. You can find more engaging content on TVPrism as we covers everything TV. Till then — stay safe, peace out!

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