Presumed Innocent Episode 7 Trailer, Release Date & Preview

Presumed Innocent episode 7 is going to be the biggest and most interesting drop of this whole season. These are not my speculations but the sixth drop itself has confirmed a lot with it’s events.

Starring some of the most talented names of Hollywood such as Jake Gyllenhaal, the show has dropped a huge cliffhanger in it’s sixth episode. In fact, I’d say that the case of Rusty is going to get a sharp and twisted turn which may impact the overall outcome of the finale. Well, here’s everything that you need to know about Presumed Innocent Episode 7.

Presumed Innocent Episode 7 Release Date: When And Where To Watch?

Presumed Innocent release date
image via Apple TV+

Titled as “The Witness,” Presumed Innocent episode 7 will release on Apple TV+ on July 17, 2024. The show was premiered back in June with it’s first two episodes, but ever since – it is dropping one episode per week.

The run time of episode 7 is kept under wraps, but I will be updating this section as soon as they delivers one. Wondering about the total number of episodes? Well, Presumed Innocent is a special project which will run for eight awesome episodes. So yes, we are about to close this saga in next two weeks.

At What Time To Watch Presumed Innocent Episode 7?

Now that you knows about the dates, can we talk about the timings? I mean this is something which usually takes us in the storm of confusions right? So what’s the big deal?

Well, Presumed Innocent is currently dropping it’s new episodes at somewhere around midnight ET. However, Apple TV is not fixing a specific time frame and maybe that’s what is looking very unusual to me. To avoid any sort of confusions or miss of opportunity, I’d suggest you to keep an eye on their platform an hour prior to the midnight, since some episodes were released earlier too.

Is There Any Trailer For Presumed Innocent Episode 7?

Technically, the answer is no. I mean yes you can find a bunch of concept trailer on all over the social media, but let me tell you that all those so-called concept trailers are fake. Those are the remixes of the previous episodes which is done by fans like me and you to show the love for this saga.

However, Apple TV might release a trailer by later this week, so stick around the corner with their social media profiles – especially with Instagram and YouTube.

What To Expect In Presumed Innocent Episode 7? My Predictions!

Presumed Innocent episode 7 plot
image via Apple TV+

Here comes my favorite section of article writing – the predictions! To be honest, this show has delivered more then my expectations. I have to admit that Jake Gyllenhaal and Ruth Negga are nailing their parts, especially during intense moments. So what to expect from next episode?

In epis0de 6, we’ve observed some turning points for Ruth and his case which is ultimately weakening the trial process. Not only this, his wife Barbara herself is causing a lot of emotional problems, which is creating a very interesting and twisted scenario in this show.

One of the biggest question that should get a solid answer in Presumed Innocent episode 7 is the current status of Raymond. Is he alive? If so, then will he return to fight the case for Rusty again?

Apart from this, I’d also say that we may get a chance to watch an increased amount of screen-time with Tommy. The relationship with Carolyn is definitely going to bring some interesting moments, so have to keep an eye on them.

In conclusion, Presumed Innocent Episode 7 will set a perfect base to deliver the finale. You can watch it’s episodes now on Apple TV+ and stay tuned to TVPrism for everything TV. Till then – stay safe, peace out!

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