Palm Royale All Episodes Official Release Date, Title & Detailed Schedule!

Palm Royale is now streaming on Apple TV+, and no wonder if you’ve already watched it’s first three episodes. I mean, what a way to start something with not one or two – but three back to back episodes right?

Set in the classic era of 60’s – 70’s, Palm Royale is dealing with a perfect plot which deals with a very common yet a debatable questions: “How much of yourself are you willing to sacrifice to get what someone else has?

While we do got some answers in it’s first three drops, the show is still left with plenty of stories and twists which we are going to dealt with in the next couple of weeks. Starring Kristen Wiig, Allison Janney, Laura Dern and Ricky Martin, Palm Royale is a show which lands once in a while and then stays in our hearts for months and years.

Will it get a sequel season is still a mystery, but here’s a detailed release structure for it’s upcoming episodes. I know it is hard to manage with so many TV shows and their release times, dates and what not – but I won’t let you down for Palm Royale. So without any further ado, let’s know everything in a quick way!

What Are The Release Dates For Palm Royale Episodes?

Palm Royale season 1
Apple TV+

Whenever we talks about a new show, the very first question that comes out of nowhere in our minds are the dates for new episodes. I’ve seen a new pattern in recent years. Nowadays, streaming houses are avoiding their weekly release patterns – but instead, they are dropping all episodes in one go.

Netflix has done this once again with their latest hit “3 Body Problems” which is trending on our number charts. While this type of treatment can be a good way to watch the whole story in one-go, fans who loves to spend their free time on weekend with a new episode are not happy.

Well, Palm Royale is an exception. Set to follow the classic release pattern, Apple TV+ is releasing one episode of Palm Royale every week on Wednesday. The future episodes will release as per the following dates:

  • Episode 4: Wednesday, March 27
    • Title: “Maxine Rolls the Dice

  • Episode 5: Wednesday, April 3
    • Title: “Maxine Shakes the Tree

  • Episode 6: Wednesday, April 10
    • Title: “Maxine Takes a Step

  • Episode 7: Wednesday, April 17
    • Title: “Maxine Bags a Prince

  • Episode 8: Wednesday, April 24
    • Title: “Maxine Saves The Whale

  • Episode 9: Wednesday, May 1
    • Title: “Maxine Makes a Splash

  • Episode 10 (finale): Wednesday, May 8
    • Title: “Maxine Throws a Party

Where and at What Time Can You Watch Pal Royale?

Palm Royale Release Time
Apple TV+

You knows about their release dates, but do you know about their timings? More importantly, where can you stream it? Maybe I’ve already mentioned the platform’s name multiple times above, but just in case if you’ve missed then let me tell you that Palm Royale is premiering straight on Apple TV+.

While you may have to buy a subscription, I would love to assure you that Apple TV+ plans are really affordable. They also offers you a free 7 days trial, so you can take a good idea of their services. Additionally, their monthly plans starts from $9.99 which is not that expensive – especially when you’ll get a variety of shows and movies to stream from the ease of your home every single day.

Talking about the timings then expect Palm Royale to air in midnight. Yeah it is late but you can catch it up easily after finishing off your works right?

What is “Palm Royale” About?

Outsider Maxine Simmons (Wiig) moves to Palm Beach, Florida and immediately becomes taken with joining the town’s most exclusive club and joining the ranks of ritzy housewives (played by Allison Janney, Leslie Bibb and Julia Duffy). Maxine’s path to an invite in is not that simple, though.

To catch up with their plot, don’t forget to buy their subscription and hey! Stick around the corner with TVPrism as we brings you some of the most engaging and original content related to everything TV (coupled up with many trending stuffs of your favorite celebrities.)

Till then – stay safe, peace out!

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