Moon Knight Season 2: Marvel Drops A Huge Surprise For The Potential Sequel!

Moon Knight season 2 will happen or not? It is still a mystery for millions of Marvel fans out there. While the first season was focusing more on the origin story- it’s sequel installment is expected to deal with some of the major plot twists that may or may not impact the future events of this multiverse saga.

While you may be wondering about it’s release schedule, Bob Iger (the man behind Disney and it’s recent projects) is busy in assuring fans about the future of both the Marvel and the ‘House of the Mouse’ itself. In the time where you can find tons of content related to the sequels and spin-offs, I’ve done a plenty of research to gather every inch of updates and hints about this universe of our Oscar Isaac.

In fact, the recent press releases of Disney about the upcoming physical release of some shows is itself hinting at the potential second season. So hold you emotions and pick you gauntlets as here’s everything that you need to know about Moon Knight season 2!

When Could We Get Moon Knight Season 2?

Moon Knight Season 2 updates
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Marvel takes a good amount of time before announcing movie sequels or renewing it’s TV shows — however something has changed in recent years which is making Marvel and Disney to bring back their projects sooner rather then later.

While this may sound exciting to many — this pattern is also damaging the image of Marvel in Hollywood. Despite all these negative impacts, the company has still managed to produce some highly successful shows such as Moon Knight and Loki. The ‘God of Mischief‘ has already received it’s sequel season and now is the time for our Oscar Issacc lead Moon Knight — but is this really happening?

Showrunner Mohamed Diab has recently shared his point of views on this matter. He himself is looking very much excited for the future of this character but things are looking a bit vague, especially for our Moon Knight season 2. In one of his latest interview, Diab hinted at the well established and pre-planned blueprint of Marvel where the numbers doesn’t really matters. If they feels like a need for more, then no matter that — you’ll get a sequel for sure. His full quote reads:

“Marvel had determined it from the first day. Marvel’s series projects are all six episodes except for special projects like WandaVision. The usual format is six episodes. Loki is the only series they said will be in two parts from the first day. Marvel’s way is not the usual way where if the project succeeds, I say let’s renew it for a second season. It’s their plan, successful or not, they have a plan.”

He has not said a single word when asked about the potential release date of Moon Knight season 2, but one of their latest press releases is enough to assure us about the return of this beloved comic-character. I am talking about their upcoming schedule where the company is going to launch the physical copies of some of it’s popular shows — and it includes Moon Knight.

Oscar Isaac as Moon Knight
Oscar Isaac as Moon Knight

The key point is that this show is getting a physical release under the title of “Moon Knight: The Complete First Season“. If Disney has no plans for more seasons then why are they releasing a show with “The Complete First Season” attached to it’s title? They could have name it as “The Complete Series” right?

It simply means that something is cooking inside the Disney and Marvel studios and no wonder if we gets and official announcement of Moon Knight season 2 in next couple of months — however, things can change depending upon their latest changed which sre taking place inside the company after the latest comments of Bob Iger.

Another big factor which might play a very vital role is the interest of Kevin Feigi (the CEO of Marvel Studios). If you don’t know then let me tell you that Kevin has recently showed his interest for the future of this ‘Moon’ character. According to him, he wants to take a deeper look with Oscar Isaac and the company will bring back this legendary hero in The near future (without a second thought).

Willl this character bring back himself in Moon Knight season 2 or we will be watching him in any other future project — this question remains unanswered on the official level. However, after covering all these reports, updates and hints — I am pretty sure that a second season should be just around the corner. I mean, why would they waste the huge potential of our Moon Knight?

I will be keeping my eyes on this matter and will update you as soon as I gets any new updates. Stick around the corner with TVPrism as we brings you some of the most authentic, original and engaging content related to your favorite TV shows and celebrities. Till then — stay safe, peace out!

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