Met Gala 2024: Here’s Why Millie Bobby Brown Was Not Present At The Star Studded Night!

Met Gala 2024 was a star-studded night where some of our most beautiful, glamorous and handsome idols were making a deep impact on our hearts with their presence. Despite having multiple giant and highly recognized names of Hollywood, one name was missing – and that name was none other then but our Millie Bobby Brown. It’s not a big issue to be very honest because this multi-talented actress has shared her experience of Red Carpet events multiple times.

In a recent interview with, Millie Bobby Brown, the acclaimed actress known for her role in “Stranger Things,” opened up about her journey with fashion and the inspiration behind her latest venture, the expansion of her brand Florence by Mills into clothing.

At just 10 years old, Brown found herself thrust into the world of high fashion due to the success of “Stranger Things.” Attending events and ceremonies, she became a sought-after figure for big fashion brands eager to style her. However, despite this early exposure, Brown struggled to define her personal style.

The Reason Behind Skipping Met Gala 2024!

Millie Bobby Brown
Millie Bobby Brown

“[When Stranger Things took off,] I was 10,” she revealed. “I was going to these events and ceremonies, and all these big fashion brands wanted to style me. I didn’t know what my personal style was.”

As she matured, Brown embarked on a journey of self-discovery in fashion, a process she described as “ever-evolving” and “fluid.” She noted, “A lot of my friends already knew [their styles], but I didn’t know mine.” This struggle to define her personal aesthetic ultimately served as a catalyst for her venture into the fashion industry.

“For me, fashion has always been ever-evolving. It’s fluid,” Brown elaborated. “I wanted to create something so that girls going through that similar experience have a resource to be able to try innovative new outfits and styles and phases.”

This desire to provide a resource for young girls navigating their own style journeys led Brown to expand her brand, Florence by Mills, into clothing. Launched at the beginning of 2024, the clothing line aims to offer affordable and innovative options for Brown’s demographic.

Why Millie Bobby Brown skipped Met Gala 2024
Millie Bobby Brown

“I wanted to be able to create something that was accessible to my generation, to my demographic so that when they go into a store, they feel like they have that one corner—even if it’s a corner in the back—that they have what they’re looking for, and they’re able to afford it,” she emphasized.

Brown’s commitment to accessibility and affordability underscores her dedication to empowering young people to express themselves authentically through fashion. By creating a space within stores where her demographic can find clothing that resonates with their evolving styles, she hopes to make a meaningful impact on the fashion industry.

As Brown continues to navigate her dual roles as an actress and a fashion entrepreneur, her journey serves as an inspiration to young people everywhere, reminding them that personal style is a journey of self-discovery and expression.

In conclusion, Millie Bobby Brown’s reflection on her fashion journey and the launch of her clothing line Florence by Mills highlights her passion for empowering young people to embrace their unique identities through fashion, marking a significant milestone in her burgeoning career in the fashion industry.

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