Madison Beer ‘Make You Mine’ Shows Her Sultry Cheerleader Look! [Trending!]

Move over, sunshine pop! Madison Beer just unleashed the music video for her hit song “Make You Mine,” and it’s a dark and playful twist on the typical cheerleader routine. Channel your inner Jennifer Check, because Beer takes inspiration from the cult classic horror comedy “Jennifer’s Body” for this killer new visual.

Fans might remember Beer rocking the Jennifer Check look for Halloween – but this time, she’s bringing the character to life on screen. The video features Beer and her bestie serving serious squad goals, but with a side of, well, let’s just say they have a unique way of winning over their classmates.

This isn’t a complete departure from Beer’s recent sound, though. “Make You Mine” exploded on TikTok thanks to its infectious dance-driven chorus, and the video leans into that energy with a visually captivating routine.

Madison Beer Drops 'Make You Mine' music video
Madison Beer

The song itself might be a bit of a surprise for those familiar with Beer’s latest album, “The Silence Between Songs.” While the album explored a range of emotions, “Make You Mine” injects a shot of pure pop fun. But fear not, album fans! This playful video might just hint at Beer’s ability to blend artistic themes with catchy, feel-good anthems.

In a recent interview with Billboard, Beer described “Make You Mine” as a song that makes people “dance and feel immediately hotter after listening to it.” Looking at the video, mission accomplished! It’s a clever and captivating blend of horror movie homage, viral dance trend, and pure pop energy – all delivered with Beer’s signature charisma.

It is not the first time when Madison Beer is hitting the trending bars with her songs such as ‘Make You Mine,’ the model/actress has showed her dominance with several other short projects and almost all of them were enough to show off her real talent and drop our mouths. No wonder why I am a huge fangirl of this wonderful and pretty actress. You can check out the official music video of “Make You Mine” below:

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My Quick Review on “Make You Mine!”

The video is a delightful surprise. It perfectly captures the infectious energy of the song’s dance-driven chorus, with Beer and her crew serving up a visually captivating routine. While the horror movie reference adds a playful twist, the overall vibe is pure pop empowerment.

Fans of Beer’s recent album might find this a lighter direction, but it feels like a strategic and artistic choice. The video cleverly bridges the gap between the album’s themes and the song’s viral potential. Ultimately, “Make You Mine” is a fun and catchy music video that showcases Beer’s artistry and charisma. It’s a must-watch for fans and a great introduction for newcomers.

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