Julianne Moore, Milly Alcock & Meghann Fahy To Lead ‘Sirens,’ A New Netflix Series!

What if I say Julianne Moore, Milly Alcock and Meghann Fahy are coming all together in the same series? Come on, I am not joking. The trio is now all set to lead “Sirens,” and upcoming original and limited Netflix TV Series.

As reported by Variety, ‘Sirens‘ is a dark comedy series that was first rumored to be in development in February. The show is hails from Molly Smith Metzler, who is very well known for “Maid.” Now imagine a show, getting developed by Molly and has a cast of beauties such as Julianne Moore, Milly Alcock and Meghann Fahy – sounds magical right?

What Is “Sirens” About?

To make it easier for you, let’s talk about the main theme of this project. So what is happening in ‘Sirens?’ Are we getting a rom-com? Is this a horror project? Can we expect action sequences? Don’t worry, I got you!

Starring Julianne Moore, Milly Alcock and Meghann Fahy, ‘Sirens‘ is taking place at a lavish beach estate. The events are going to take place over the course of seven days and believe me, a lot is going to happen.

As per the official synopsis, “Devon (Meghann Fahy) thinks her sister Simone (Milly Alcock) has a really creepy relationship with her new boss, the enigmatic socialite Michaela Kell (Julianne Moore). Michaela’s cult-ish life of luxury is like a drug to Simone, and Devon has decided it’s time for an intervention. When Devon tracks her sister down to say WTF, she has no idea what a formidable opponent Michaela will be.”

So as much as I can extract from these log-lines, the show is going to drop multiple luxurious moments but will be giving the message of what happens when money takes control over your mind. Rest assured, this talented cast will definitely hook us.

More About Julianne Moore, Milly Alcock and Meghann Fahy!

Julianne Moore, Meghann Fahy and Milly Alcock led Sirens
Julianne Moore, Meghann Fahy and Milly Alcock

I think we already have learnt a lot about Milly Alcock in recent times right? Just in case if you don’t know then Milly is the one who is recently selected to play ‘Supergirl’ in James Gunn DC universe. Apart from this, the actress is widely popular for her character in “Game of Thrones” prequel “House of theDragon.”

Talking about Meghann Fahy then she has recently received a very strong critical acclaim and an Emmy nomination for her work in “The White Lotus” season 2. Fahy is also known for the freeform series “The Bold Type,” where she was sharing her talent for not one, not two, but for five consecutive installments.

Meanwhile Julianne Moore is one of the most celebrated actresses of her generation. Her talent? Well, she has received five Academy Awards nominations for some of the best projects such as “Boogie Nights,” “The End of the Affair,” “Far From Heaven,” “The Hours,” and “Still Alice.”

Well, stick around the corner with TVPrism as I will be covering everything related to this particular project. You will also find a variety of content related to your favorite TV shows and of course your idols and celebs. Till then – stay safe, peace out!

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