BTS Jin To Burn The Stage As Torchbearer In The Paris Olympics 2024 [Exclusive!]

BTS member Jin is going to burn the stage of the Paris Olympics 2024 as our Torchbearer. This update has been confirmed exclusively and now the netizens are out, sharing their reactions on the internet.

While BTS is very well known for it’s iconic group performances, it is the popularity that delivers them invites to some of the most important events of the world. Call it the meetings of UN, or the live concerts in Europe, this group has established many new milestones for other K-Pop idols.

The Olympics 2024 is set to begin in Paris, France, starting from July 27. Just in case if you’ve missed any recent update then let me tell you that Jin will be arriving for France very soon. Although, the exact landing location and date have not been revealed for privacy and security purposes.

Jin From BTS Has A Lot To Deliver Along With Olympics 2024!

BTS Jin will be the Torchbearer in Olympics 2024

While the Paris Olympics 2024 is one thing, Jin from BTS is also gearing up for multiple activities in upcoming weeks. Recently, he has confirmed the outlets about his appearance on an entertainment program namely ‘It’s a Good Thing To Rest Well,’ which is a program that comes under the tag of MBC entertainment.

Now netizens are also sharing their reactions and like always, most of these reactions are very genuine and positive. On ‘TheQoo,’ one wrote, “I’m genuinely curious. Is it possible for a foreigner to do this? I thought a person from that country had to do it.” While another one wrote, “Wow all his activities are on another level. I’m totally shocked.

Talking about Paris summers Olympics 2024, one shared, “Wow this is so cool! It’s not even for the Korean Olympics… daebak.” One user also mentioned the word ‘easter-eggs,’ referring at all those previous guesses and hints. The comment reads as, “I’m still in shock yet happy at all these easter eggs that are popping up since yesterday.

Now the Olympics are just around the corner and I am excited to see the reactions of all those foreign people, especially our dear Frenchman who might be hearing or watching our Jin live for the first time. What are your expectations from him?

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