Doctor Who Star Millie Gibson Shares An Exclusive Look At Her Role In The New ‘Forsyte Saga’ Adaptation!

In the realm of British television, actress Millie Gibson is making waves with her diverse roles and promising talent. Known for her stint on the iconic soap opera Coronation Street, Gibson has now captured the attention of audiences worldwide with her roles in two highly anticipated series: Doctor Who and the upcoming adaptation of ‘The Forsyte Saga‘.

Gibson’s journey through space and time alongside the Doctor in Doctor Who has been a thrilling ride for fans. Rumors circulated earlier this year suggesting that her tenure on the show might be limited to just one season. However, those speculations were put to rest by showrunner Russell T. Davies, confirming that Gibson’s character arc extends beyond one season, promising viewers more adventures with her alongside co-stars Ncuti Gatwa and Verada Sethu.

Millie Gibson Confirms Multiple Surprises!

Millie Gibson in Doctor Who
image via Disney+

In an exclusive interview, Gibson shared insights into her upcoming role in The Forsyte Saga, a series adaptation of the classic British novels. She portrays Irene, a character entangled in a complex love story within the Forsyte family. Speaking about her character, Gibson revealed, “Irene’s a ballet dancer in this version and she falls in love with Soames, who is very infatuated with her.” She described the adaptation as both beautiful and tragic, offering a fresh take on John Galsworthy’s timeless narrative.

Despite her dual commitments, Gibson remains focused and eager to tackle the challenges ahead. While she hasn’t yet met her co-stars for The Forsyte Saga due to conflicting schedules, Gibson expressed her excitement for the new endeavor. “I’m very, very excited to start. It’s very different,” she remarked, highlighting her enthusiasm for the upcoming project.

As for release dates, fans eagerly await The Forsyte Saga adaptation, though no official date has been announced yet. Meanwhile, audiences can catch Gibson’s captivating performances in Doctor Who, airing on Disney+ and BBC iPlayer.

Millie Gibson’s versatility and dedication to her craft continue to cement her status as one of Britain’s rising stars in the television landscape. With her talent and determination, she undoubtedly promises to leave an indelible mark on both Doctor Who and The Forsyte Saga, captivating audiences with her compelling portrayals and captivating presence.

Long story short, I am keeping my eagle eyes on her projects, so this article will be updated in the near future without a doubt (depending upon the updates). Stick around the corner with TVPrism and Movie World Network where we covers some of the most exclusive, exciting, engaging and trending content related to everything TV and of course, your favorite Hollywood artists. Till then – stay safe, peace out!

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