Doctor Who Season 14 Episode 7 Release Date, Shocking Plot, & Time

Doctor Who Season 14 episode 7” is going to bring a lot of fun, suspense, coupled up with a huge cliffhanger. Wondering why and how? Well, you are at the right place.

The sixth episode was truly entertaining and I’d love to call it as the best drop of the ongoing season. We’ve got a variety of [Spoilers] who are not what they say they are. Then comes the engaging plot with full of dead people who are actually the victims of [Spoilers]. Long story short, the sixth episode is setting up a perfect base for the upcoming two drops.

Now if you’ve not seen it yet then you may leave this article as I will be taking a look in future’s plotline. Though if you are someone who just can’t wait for more, then you are at the right place. From release date to plotline, here’s everything that you need to know about Doctor Who season 14 episode 7!

Doctor Who Season 14 Episode 7 Release Date & Time!

Doctor Who season 14 episode 7 release date
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Before diving into the world of predictions, it is important for us to talk about the release schedule. I mean, that’s what matters the most right? Well, no big changes are taking place in the original timings and you will be able to stream Doctor Who Season 14 Episode 7 on June 14, 2024 around midnight.

The show is premiering exclusively on Disney+ along with the set release on BBC. So you can opt for any options that you feels comfortable with. Although according to me, I’d suggest you to simply go and grab a deal of Disney+ as it delivers us the variety of content at a very affordable price.

Oh! I’d also love to mention that Doctor Who season 14 episode 7 is titled as ‘The Legend of Ruby Sunday’ and has been directed by Jamie Donoughue. The runtime is expected to remain same so no big changes over there as well.

What To Expect From Doctor Who Season 14 Episode 7? My Quick Predictions!

Doctor Who season 14 episode 7 plot
image via Disney+

Now that you’ve already learnt about the release schedule, it is a perfect time to take a quick look on my speculations. Before continuing, SPOILERS WARNING AHEAD!!

By the end of sixth episode, Rogue takes that big step and sacrificed himself for the sake of saving Ruby. It is directly setting up a pretty big cliffhanger for next episode as nobody knows where is he. As much as we knows so far, Rogue is in undisclosed prison location with the Chuldur. 

At the same time, Doctor himself is now at a crossroads. He has two options, either activate the trap and send Ruby into banishment with the Chuldur or simply release her. If he opts to release her then it will ultimately send the other guests for a very unfortunate death.

Another possibility that I will predict lies in the search of Rogue. The ending has also showed us how Ruby asked Doctor to go and search for this character. Unfortunately, doctor denies and says, “There are as many dimensions as there are atoms in the universe.” It makes it a tricky task while also putting the effect of vagueness on the faith of Rogue.

Chances are high that Ruby might try to look around for ways in order to bring back Rogue. It is also possible that Doctor himself can try a new experiment or concept but we never knows the meaning of words “what” or “how,” especially in the saga of Doctor Who.

In conclusion, things will get clear in Doctor Who season 14 episode 7. I am pretty sure that one of these above mentioned predictions are definitely going to get turned into reality – but let’s see how. Make sure to stay around the corner with TVPrism where we brings you some of the most exciting, engaging and original articles while sharing our predictions, theories, insights, explanations, updates and much more. Stay safe, peace out!

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