Clipped Episode 5 Trailer, Release Date, Time & Exclusive Preview

Premiered in the first week of June, Clipped has now reached on it’s final two episodes. A mini-series based on real life incidents which is taking place on a racial theme. Donald Sterling (played by Ed O’Neill) is the one who makes a very racial remark which later results in an unfortunate fall of the Los Angeles Clippers.

Doc Rivers (played by Laurence Fishburne) is the coach who is also a very important character in this story. Now Clipped has reached on it’s final call and we are about to conclude it. Here’s everything that you need to know about Clipped episode 5!

When & Where To Watch Clipped Episode 5?

Clipped episode 5 release date
image via FX

Clipped Episode 5 will be released on Tuesday, June 25th, 2024 at 3 am ET on FX. This schedule is not going to change and I can bet. Talking about the platforms then luckily, there are so many ways to stream it from the ease of your home.

Apart from FX, you can catch it on Hulu the very next day, or simply enjoy it in your Disney+ subscriptions. Wondering about the runtime? Worry not. So the final duration for Clipped episode 5 will be around or more than 40 minutes.

How Many Episodes Will Clipped Season 1 Have?

Like I mentioned above that Clipped episode 5 is going to be the second last episode of this season, it simply means that this show will deliver us a total of 6 episodes. Since it has been titles as a “mini-series,” you should not expect any sort of spinoff shows or sequel seasons.

Although we’ve seen how Shogun, which was originally a mini-series, has been renewed for two more seasons depending on it’s performance and popularity – things may change for Clipped as well. So I will keep this section updated.

What To Expect From Clipped Episode 5?

Clipped official poster
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I won’t elaborate it too much, so let’s get straight on the points. Clipped episode 5 can show us a sue on the organization for making racial comments. Doc is going to be the one behind this sue. On the very other hand, you should expect some tearful moments as well.

We knows that our protagonists are now moving closer to the end of the Los Angeles Clipper. So the outbursts of emotions, especially on Doc’s side are definitely going to engage the audience.

Talking about V then she have a plenty of explanation to give to Barbara Walters. It’d be interesting to watch how she twists her explanations and overcomes her odd decisions that she’s made in previous episodes. Anyways, all I know is that a lot of deep moments are about to land in episode 5. So make sure to catch it.

Also stay tuned to TVPrism where we brings you some of the most engaging, entertaining and original content related to everything TV and of-course your favorite celebrities. Till then – stay safe, peace out!

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